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hi, I' am importing S parameters from HFSS into NPORT in cadence-virtuoso. While simulating it is showling an error like following, ERROR (SFE-691) " input.scs " 61: Illegal parameter name specified. Simulation terminated prematurely due to fatal error. please help me to resolve this one. Thanks in advance.
When I want to add instance/device, I open the "add instance" by click on "i", and click on "browse" from the panel, it turns on the "Component browser" as shown on the right figure. Only one library is shown in the Library column, and I have to select the library I wanted through the Library column in the blue cycle. 132459[/ATT
generally the noise figure of differential LNA is lower than single ended.Wrong. NF of differential amplifier is always larger since noises are uncorrelated. Do u think baluns add noise to circuit?If you use "analogLib/ideal_balun" in cadence dfII, it is noiseless.
As the figure shows, do the noise simulation, but the output and negative input node of the amplifier is not "directly" biased, how to get the input referred noise data from simulation? Thanks 129361
My cadence is IC6.16, why I don?t have the AWD waveform tool selection as the bellowing figure? From my ADE-Setion-Option: 129330 but I want to enable the AWD selection as below: 129331 Which file can define/enable the AWD? Thanks.
See attached right figure. This is an ideal_balun in "analogLib/ideal_balun" cadence DFII. If we want to satisfy impedance matching at left side, R2 has to be equal to R1/2. R2=R1/2. On the hand, if we want to satisfy impedance matching at right side, R1 has to be equal to 4*R2. R2=R1/4. These impedance characteristics are improper as b
127064 When I add instance, the library is shown as this figure. But can it opens with all the library together? Thanks.
please help I need to draw butterfly for Write NM for SRAM cell I cut down the inverter into two halves to get the VTC for both INVA and INVB as it is shown in the figure, the result should be as shown in the graph but I got different result, the green curve is wrong while the red one is right, What is the problem with this curve ?? Please
Hi , I would like to pass/stop 20V (2MHz)switching signal using 5V in cadence. as shown below.125460 is it possible Thanks
I have designed a low pass biquad for cutoff 14Hz. I have done its dft and thd. I got thd 125.814. What does this value mean. In the help guide of cadence calculator, it say the formula returns voltage percentage. Please help me to understand this. With dft I got the follpwing graph 124160 When I use the log scale I
hi anybody can please explain me why this LO signal is given with this arrangement, what is the purpose of VCVS and at IF port also dc port is connected with 50 ohm value and again using VCVS. here is the figure of test bench117773
The noise figure obtained by simulation with ADE L increases after and upgrade from release 6.1.5 to of cadence Virtuoso. The design kit is the same for both releases. Any one who had a similar problem and who may know its origin ? Regards, Aba
gangs, I am running .noise analysis in cadence's spectre. Two methods display the simulation results: method 1. plot equivalent input noise. This can be done by: locate spectre simulator menu-->results-->direct plot-->equivalent input noise. A figure will pop out. Then go to calculator's RMS function. The final result is the RMS noise over the ban
Hi, 1. I am using IC6.1.6-64b.500.1 and my simulator version is 64 bit 2. I am simulating a basic downconversion mixer as shown in attached figure. I want to know the correlation between noise at RF (red) and noise at IF (blue). I tried to follow the following article:
how to get the Q facator of inductor V.S. frequency curve in cadence? Anyone has some ideas? Thanks.
Hi, guy, I ran DRC checking with cadence virtuoso diva. Usually the checking method is "flat". I chose "hierarchical" as checking method this time but got all error markers as shown in attached figure. If the checking method is "flat", I can remove all the markers in menu: Verify-->Markers-->Delete all. But this time I cannot
hi i have designed a downconversion mixer, i hv measured conversion gain, noise figure, linearity but not able to measure bandwidth or freq range of mixer. i tried PSS + PSP but in this only IF freq i m able to sweep but did'nt get the option to sweep RF frequency. can any1 suggest me wat to do
I could view cadence IC5 layouts without a license, but I cannot figure out how to view IC6 layouts without a license? Is it even possible? Any tips out there?
Friends I am designing a circuit where I introduce explicitly high current exponential pulse which has a response time lesser than a CLK time period. The warning message cadence shows is "The bulk-drain junction current exceeds `imax'." So in reality if the current exceeds the limit is there a chance that it will lead to damage of the transis
I am using the automatic routing tool under 'Route' in Layout XL (IC6.1.6) and cannot figure out where the rules for spacing are located. I'm laying out a simple OpAmp with a current mirror and implementing the common centroid technique for a few of my mosfets. When running the routing tool everything routes correctly except the contacts. The cont

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