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There is no tool which name is "cadence". Use correct terminology. My question is do I have to design layout in cadence then export gds file to E.M software such as hfss/ADS momentum for electromagnetic simulation and optimization? or can I design in hfss/
Hi All, I have designed my circuit layout in cadence and I want to do its EMI calculation in hfss-16. So, I have few questions regrading that: 1) When I try to import that file into hfss software then it directly opens into hfss 3D layout window. So, is it possible to open it into (...)
hi all, Does any one know How to import inductor or balun layout from hfss to cadence VIRTUOSO??????????? is it directly possible???????????????
Hi All I want to import .gds file from cadence 6.1 to hfss 10 and do some simulations. Just to make sure my gds file is ok I did import it back to cadence and I do see the same layout. But when I import the same gds file in hfss 10,I dont see anything. I am not sure what is the problem. When I look at my (...)
Hi All, I am trying a 2 turn spiral inductor and combine it with another 1 turn to make a transformer. I did a layout in cadence and imported it in hfss only to find out it is of a "Non-Model" type so I cannot change its properties for 3D EM simulation. My inquiry would be, how do you make the parallelogram box in hfss? (...)
This is easy. Do you have the layout in cadence or as GDSII? Here is a video that shows how to import the inductor GDSII layout into Sonnet and analyze: Dr. Mühlhaus Consulting & Software GmbH ? Sonnet Tutorial Videos -> Sonnet Inductor Flow with GDSII Data Do you have the process te
Hi All, I imported a design from cadence into hfss using GDS. Now my problem is I cannot see the coordinates of the geometric solid. Can anyone help me with this? I imported a transformer and I needed to add definitions for the silicon dioxide and substrate, which I plan to add in hfss since cadence does not do this in (...)
I am trying to extract cadence inductor (UMC library) parasitics in hfss by importing gds file. After importing gds file, inductor layout is visible in hfss window with so many layers. Issue is that cadence generated 2D file and hfss want 3D file to simulate. I converted inductor 2D (...)
Dear all, Is there anybody familiar with simulation of a layout extracted from cadence in hfss. Is there any voltage pulse generator source in hfss that we can use it with lumped port? Any comment is appreciated, Thanks,
I have used this tool for a while,and can't say it took my breath away. The biggest advantage is that it's an EM tool which work directly on your layout in cadence-so no need to do back and forth conversions (like say,importing to hfss or ADS is also pretty comfortable as a layout synthesis tool,as it draws spiral inductors (...)
Export the layout from cadence to hfss or from hfss to cadence.
In fact I'm confusing when choosing between ADS, hfss and cadence Virtuoso/Eldo/Artist for the design of a VCO and next a PLL.