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Hi, Please take a look here: and
Hi all I would like to add noise source for my simulation under cadence but have no idea how to do so. Anyone has any idea how to do that?
cadence layout isn't the best for MEMS structures, other tools have been more aggressive in adding support for the weird (from an IC perspective) geometries. And it's certainly the most expensive tool for the job (unless this is Somebody Else's Problem). I've seen some other layout editors that make noise about MEMS suitability; I'm sure you cou
dear every body i am practicing to simulate VCO using cadence, i already known to simulate phase noise, PSS , or how to get current consumption of VCO but i do not how to simulate FOM parameter in cadence could you please guide me or give me some advices to get this parameter in cadence tool thank you in advance .
Hi, I am designing a VCO in cadence, operating at 2.4GHz, its phase noise is -47.4 dBc/Hz. How can I improve it?
I am building sigma Delta ADC, i want to include the effect of thermal noise in the sustem.. Is there any way to include noise source to represent resistors' thermal noise ?? a random source generator or something ?
hey everybody i'm new here and this my first post but really i'm happy to be a member of such great site with great helpful people i'm new user of cadence and this my first design i'm using the TSMC13RF library and firstly i want to know what is the main difference between nmos1v and nmos3v and what i
I have designed a complex filter in cadence and want to find its signal to noise ratio. Can anyone please tell me how to do it?? Thanks in advance
Why in simulation by using cadence, even a simple basic mixer also showing very high value. There is any setting or consideration? bcos in most of Journals they can achieve NF below 15dB, i have been tried many ways but NF can not achieve below 18dB. Please anyone help me. Thanks advance.
Hi All, I have two subcircuit for a bandgap reference circuit design. One is PTAT and one is CTAT. When I originally designed, I put these two subcircuit seperately in different cellviews and both of them are working well. The power supply of both circuits are the same. But when I copied and placed them in the same cellview, and just make their
I have a problem with Flicker phase noise of a quartz crystal oscillator simulated with PSS + Pnoise of cadence: Indeed I simulate the phase noise of a quartz crystal oscillator and I include only Flicker noise (verilogA) in the feedback amplifier. The simulated phase noise shows white (...)
Hi All, Can anybody suggest the relationship between s-parameter and noise of a signal trace. I hope tools like ADS have option to generate noise from the s-parameter calculation tab. what about noise anlysis in cadence ? Is there any option to generate noise from signal trace in Allegro??? or NEXT and (...)
Hello, I am running a noise analysis in cadence. In noise summary, I am getting the following two terms for noise of a single resistor RL23. rma rn RL23. rmb rn I know that rn is the thermal noise of the resistor but can anyone tell what does rma and rmb mean?? Thanks (...)
hii all, can any one tell me how to get output noise vs. frequency lot in cadence
hi all, can any one please tell me after performing noise analysis in cadence, how to find output noise from "noise vs frequency" plot
There's a opampmacro model in the functional library in cadence. Unfortunately, this does not have noise modeling. Is there a opamp model with that incorporates noise? Thanks.
I designed an lna,the input-referred 1dB compression point is shown below 76307 With the increase of input power, the LNA gain increased. I think the input-referred 1dB compression point is very strange I feel normal as follows, 76308
There ya go. Hope that helps.
Hi everyone, I am desiging a current to voltage converter, I have this error in cadence when I am simulating the noise, I want to see the noise summary (integrated noise from 1 Hz to 500 MHz) but the error I got is: "ERROR (PRINT-1011): No device type is selected for generating the noise summary (...)
I designed a VCO which some part of it is switched by a periodic source. The switch frequency is 1/100 of VCO frequency. I want to know how can I simulate the VCO phase noise with pss and pnoise analysis in cadence? I want to know the required setting in cadence. Thank you in advance.

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