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hello! Does anyone know how to get the RMS output noise and input dynamic range of a transimpedance amplifier using cadence or synopsys? Please help me. I don't have any idea on how to get it..
Hi I am using cadence pnoise for VCO (ring) simulation. Why my pnoise is greather than 0 dBc as the offset is close to 0? It is also 60 dBc at 1 Hz. Is it correct??
hello, I am trying to simulate UWB LNA in 65nm process with UMC65 model file.I am using n_12_lllvtrf transistors. I checked the noise summary in ADE in noise summary it is showing m1.recn thermal_noise i am not able to understand what is m1.recn noise. It is also giving (...)
Hi guys, I've gotten something unsure about noise factor. Hope for help here. The noise Factor is defined as below. N = (Na+G*Ns)/(G*Ns). Different Ns produces different N. And in cadence spectre, the noise source is usually a port. The impedance of the port provides the thermal noise 4kTRB V^2, (...)
Dear All, I'm using ADS Dynamic Link to simulate an LC oscillator schematic from cadence(using ibm130nm PDK). With the ADS HB simulation, all the simulation results such as oscillation freq are obtained correctly except for the phase noise(pnmx). When I list the pnmx in the result browser window, the value shows "NaN". Can anyone tell me what is
Hi folks, Anyone know how to introduce a pulse with some jitter!!, by jitter I mean , variation in rising edge of the pulse(square wave pulse ) I tried to input a sawtooth and a DC voltage to a comparator , and get square wave pulse at output, now if I can add some noise to sawtooth,theoritically I should get a pulse with variation of ris
hi I have just started using cadence, can anyone guide me how to check whether a mixer is functioning properly, i.e. it is downconverting the frequency?Use PSS/PXF or PSS/PAC with local signal as only one large signal. See the followings.
My statement was based from the discussion in this forum. issue with dcmatch simulation - cadence Community .
Is it the same as the white noise which means the power is equally divided in the whole frequency range? If so, how does it come? Any reference is preferred. Now I've built a pseudo-random sequence using linear feedback shift register(LFSR), and I'd like to check its power spectral, is it possible to make it out using cadence and how? Thank you
I am trying to run noise analysis of an amplifier in Analog Environment but am having trouble doing so. Normally the noise should be high at low freq (flicker noise) and then low at higher freq. However, I am getting a low noise at low frequencies and then a peaking at a fairly high frequency (around 12 GHz). I know this (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate the phase noise of a bunch of frequency dividers. My oscillator runs at 12-17 GHz. I use frequency dividers to generate quadrature signals and cover the desired frequency bands. Currently I am using a divide-by-2 conventional CML divider followed by two divide-by-2 and divide-by-3 frequency dividers to cover two bands
yes, use cadence AssuraRCX tool. How ever you will need its expensive lic and sna technology files.
HI Guys Can anyone give me some details how to simulate LDO noise in cadence? Thank you,
Hai, I want to calculate the following two quantities for my preamplifier with cadence tool. Can anybody give me the procedure? 1. Total input referred noise voltage Power Spectral Density @1Hz & @100Hz. 2. Total input referred r.m.s noise voltage (1 Hz - 100 Hz) Suggest me acceptable range of the above two quantities (...)
Hey Id like to do a phase noise analysis with cadence virtuoso. In my pss analysis the estimated frequency (direct plot harmonic frequency) does not match to the beat frequendy ive entered in the simulation set up file. to set up the simulation i followed the spectre rf workshop. what could be the problem there? regards zitty
Hi I'm using cadence and when I make a noise summary (to obtain the noise for each transistor) I get 4 components. fn and id I know, what rd and rs please? Thanks
I just listed command for cadence ADE environment. I encourage him to try the menu just as learning various software.
Dear all, How to simulate PLL loop filter noise by cadence spectre? I used 3ord LPF in PLL. As attached figure, dashed lines are resistors noise in LPF and solid lines are output noise after transfer function. Who can help me about LPF noise simulation by cadence spectre. thank you (...)
hi everyone,im going to do device noise analysis for the sigma delta adc in cadence tool and hence optimizing the design in noise and also in power.please help me with your ideas and suggest any useful books or papers on noise optimization for each of the blocks in sigma delta adc or any papers on flicker (...)
Sampled Mode exists in PAC and PXF of cadence Spectre. This mode is similar to "timedomain" mode in Pnoise Analysis of cadence Spectre. The Designer's Guide Community Forum - switched capacitor integrator noise simulation results However I can't get reasonable results for