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when i do phasenoise simulation in VCO, i find that filling some value in "freq" and "noise" for example 1 and 1, the result of phasenoise entirely changed. So i doubt what value in those box is reasonable. the doc of cadence gives almost no comment. anyone could please tell me if you know, thanks
Hi guys, I have designed a 2 stage op-amp, diff input and single output. I use cadence spectre simulation tool. All the specs are pretty good. Now I want to calculate the open loop input referred noise of OTA. But I have a question in noise simulation and I dont know if the results I get are correct or not!!! I want to perform (...)
I want to use VPWLF source to add random noise-like signal as input of my circuit. The file format for the signal is TXT(with time and voltage columns), can it be directly put into the "PWL file name" property of the source? I cannot run simulation in spectre and the error is: ERROR(CMI-2011):Unable to open waveform file: "randomn"(this is the
Does anyone know how to plot NF vs QL in cadence where QL=1/(Rs*Cgg*Ωο)? I did the following simulation steps: 1) I defined QL in calculator window 2) I ran a noise Analysis simulation at 5Ghz (Sweep Variable=Vgg 0->1.2) 3) I Plotted both NF vs Vgg and QL vs Vgg at the same graph windows and then plot NF vs QL using Axis attr
Hi. Does anyone know how to plot NFmin vs IDS bias in cadence? Or does anyone know the exactly mathematical formula of NFmin? My circuit is a MOS LNA with inductive source degeneration. Thanks If you have a valid nonlinear model, you can obtain NFmin vs. IDS by doing noise analysis.Because nonlinear
Hi all, I have designed in cadence a Subthreshold resistor by cascading pmos transistors working in subtreshold I dont know though how to measure the resistance of the cascading
I have to simulate the noise performances (with Spectre) of an active bandpass filter working up to 1.5 GHz. It's 50ohm input/output matched and what I do not understand is which noise analysis I must use. First, I used noise analysis in cadence and during the design I noticed clear noise improvement by (...)
Hi all, after reading all there is to read in this site on transient noise simulation. i steel dont understand how to calibrated the simulation. can someone please write me a step-by-step on how to do it. (a simple example would be great) thanks alot.. Zvika.
Thank you for your reply, BigBoss. But the problem is that I don't know how to simulate the whole system in cadence. I think this tool is appropriate for system simulation. Or may be I'm wrong... No. cadence "had" a system simulator once upon a time but it does not exist anymore.Instead, you can use ADS or simila
I have design a active Gm-RC analog baseband filter in 0.18u CMOS process. I want to calculate THD and input reffered noise for filter. How can i calculate?
i design a PLL,but i don not know how to use cadence to simulate the PLL output noise and jitter.have someboy know how to simulate it ?can you teach me?thanks
Hi, I shall model a substrate to analyze the substrate noise. There are several methods existed: solving numerical analysis, or using a CAD tool that can provide a RC network of substrate from a design layout. Because the substrate is lacking, some parameters of the substrate’s as well as the design layout can not be simulated or measured.
Hi Guys, I am simulating a VCO with the following design: Process: 0.18 um Tool: cadence Spectre Topology:Three stage Differential amplifier (with symmetric load) Supply: 3.3V Frequency: 2.4GHz I measured the phase noise and it was -100 dbc/Hz at 10 MHz. Is this a good performance? I am using a DC control voltage of about 875 mV. How
Dear All, I have designed the following two-stage-op-amp (CMOS .18um technology) in cadence. I am new in analog IC design. What are the steps to plot graphs for Gain, Stability and noise for this circuit. Gain Bandwidth is 5M Hz and VDD= 2.5 V. Thanks.
Hello All I am simulating a mixer in cadence and for measuring its NF I am using PSS+Pnoise. in Pnoise setting, for setting input and output we have options of voltage source and probe for output. The former option takes into account the noise added by port's internal resistor itself while the latter does not. The (...)
iprobe in cadence is doing stability analysis for single-ended case and is performing a procedure similar to Middlebrooks method. There is another component from analogLib (I forgot the name) which can be used for differential case. I doubt that building a balun with vcvs will give you all the benefits. Better build it with ideal transformers.
Anybody knows when did cadence start to support transient noise analysis?
Hi Im doing a phase noise simulation in cadence (using MMSIM70) Im using the option "noise separation" to determine the amount of noise introduced by each instance in my circuit. However, when i compare the total output noise (in the band of interest) with the sum of the individual contribution of each (...)
I believe cadence can do transient noise analysis. Right. In the ADE (Analog Design Environment) menu, select Analyses -> Choose... In the Choosing Analyses menu, if you select the (default) tran analysis, you may also select Transient noise, which extends the menu for special n
Phase noise plots for oscillators using cadence spectre (PSS+Pnoise) in dBc/Hz show noise values greater than 0 at close in frequencies to the carrier (including several plots in their user guide) How is this possible?