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I don't know what simulator you use in cadence Virtuoso. We can use various simulators from cadence Virtuoso. Invoke "Dynamic parameter Ability" for transient Analysis, if you use cadence Spectre. param=isnoisy param_vec=
Hey guys, I was wondering where a design variable "frequency" gets generated in transient analysis in cadence ADE (spectre) when I do a transient simulation of a set of devices using only behavioral VerilogA models and a Ipulse/current pulse. All the items in the simulation are behavioral models, and there is no "frequency" (...)
Hi I want to calculate SNR,SNDR,SFDR,ENOB of designed ADC. I want to use matlab for processing. I have designde ADC in cadence spectra and do the tansient analysis by sine wave as the i/p. Can anyone tell me should I use ideal DAC at the o/p of ADC and take the reconstructed sine signal to matlab or only digital bits of transient analysis take
Dear all: I puzzle by a question, I have a transformer like inductor( have 9 port) s-parameter simulate in cadence(using analog/nport ) ,the schematic is a VCO,and I faced lots of problems ,for example ,transcient can't convergent and so on. Could someone tell me how to solve this problem, thank you very much!!!:smil
I designed a 2-1 sigma-delta modulator and found fft issue I don't understand. My sim has 2 steps: 1) run "tran" analysis in spectre (select "transient Noise" option) 2) read data from modulator output to matlab and do fft in matlab I used 2 different sampling capacitors (1pF, 4pF) for the first integrator and other parameter (fclk, fsample, N
hi. i am working on designing in schematic of cadence a vco at 77GHz (13ps the period of the signal). The problem is that when i use transient analysis, i see the circuit oscillating and working fine only if the simulation time is equal to or lower than 1 nanosec. If the simulation time is larger than 1ns, the circuit doesn't seem to oscillate at a
I try to run the TRAN and PSS simulation in cadence with the nport s-parameter file obtained by HFSS.But it does not work. How to run TRAN and PSS with s-parameter?
Make a parameter sweep with a variable named 'temp'. 'temp' is the default variable name of temperature at cadence. When you place the required voltage at the outputs, it will be plotted vs temp after the sweep.
I have s-parameter data exported into cadence, and used in nport component. Depending on whether I choose windowing=yes or windowing=no, or set the maximum frequency limit for the n-port, or using equivalent y-parameter or z-parameter instead of s-parameter, I either get error in transient (...)
Can i run a sweep for the size of inverter to chk its performance in transient analysis? I just infact want to chk the effects of size of inverter on delay in a single sweep! pls help me
the jitter or the phase noise of the ocillator , they both the same , but jitter in time , and phase noise frequcny domain khouly
Connect in series 2 DC sources: One of them has Vdc=Vgate Vac=0 Another Vdc=0 Vac=1m Use AC analysis and change Vg as sweeping parameter. Then plot C= Ig/(2*Pi*Freq*Vgs) vs. Vgate. You will get CV curve. I did that several times in cadence. It works fine. There is another method using transient with fixed frequency.