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I work with cadence and I use GoldenGate instead Spectre for simulation.There is no tool whose name is cadence. Use correct terminology. But I can't open ads data display window from the cadence Analog Design Environment
Hi, I work with cadence and I use GoldenGate instead Spectre for simulation. And I want to display the simulations results in the ads data display window to can write equations in the display window. But I can't open ads data display window from the cadence Analog Design (...)
Hi, I'm running a long transient simulation in Virtuoso ADE L. Now I want to investigate the output signals already during the simulation. I tried to use the result browser and plot the signals I need, however, it behaves strange. For some circuits the signals are refreshed at a certain interval, and sometimes I cannot display the signals at all
gangs, I am running .noise analysis in cadence's spectre. Two methods display the simulation results: method 1. plot equivalent input noise. This can be done by: locate spectre simulator menu-->results-->direct plot-->equivalent input noise. A figure will pop out. Then go to calculator's RMS function. The final result is (...)
I have worked out that I can display a list of device parameters by clicking 'results>print>DC Operating point' and then clicking on the transistor I am interested in. However, for my two stage amplifier, if I use the values of transconductance given to calculate the output resistance, and the resulting gain, I am getting a gain of 0.3. Q2 -
Layout to do LVS verification, the results show the match, but the error display < malformed device rfnpsab > . why? help me! 70056
I'm not sure, but I had a similar experience with one of cadence' graphing tools a couple of years back, I think it was 20ms it wouldn't display past either, even though the sim ran successfully for much longer. The solution I found was to use another graphing tool, we have a few with our installation - I don't know whether they come as standard or
In the process of usage, 1: I find that when i use the function display device DC operating piont. The result is too long displaying beside the MOS (about 20 digitals) how can change it into 6 effective digital. 2: I'm using SPECTRE as simulation tool, how could i make cadence autosave the results everytime i run it. so (...)
Hi, I need to find the input referred noise of a folded cascode amplifier in cadence. please help me. any material would also do . thanks
Hi all, I have done the sp simulation with the Analog Design Envionment in icfb. I could display the s-parameter table after simulation by selecting "results->Print->S-Parameter->2 port". According to a tutorial I'm using, I should be able to plot the s parameters by first clicking on "Tools->Waveform ...", then cloosing (...)
In the results display Window of noise summary in cadence Spectre simulation, there is a list like the following: Device Param noise distribution % of total /M0 id 1e-7 40 /M0 fn 2e-8 8 I want to know what's the meaning of the param. In other word, what kind (...)
The parameters (W, L ) disappear when I do simulation. How can I make them display? Thanks
In cadence there isn't a tool to design the matching network, but you can perform s parameter simulation and display the results in a smith chart. You can sweep parameters and frequency and see what happens. Bye Mazz