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How about the video tutorials? If there are lots of materials then look through them.
Hi. As I know ncverilog have 2 way to simulation. one is single step by using ncverilog. the other is 3 steps b using ncvlog-ncelab-ncsim I want to know the benefits of SNAPSHOT, and What is the concept of SNAPSHOT? If you are using cadence tools, you should be theoretically having access to the user guide for that
Dear All, How to do N-detect test in cadence Encounter tool?There is no such option available with create_logic_tests command. Further, With create_logic_delay_tests command,'ndetect' option is there.The user guide defines it as "he number of times a fault must be observed before it will be marked as tested during fault simulation. "
Hi I am designing a two stage OTA using cadence . Need to run monte carlo simulation for offset voltage. can somebody give me any user guide. Thanks.
Is there any command in cadence encounter that will display a cell's or buffer's properties like delay, slew, fanout etc.?
Where can I find the SpectreRF user guide. The manuals I downloaded does not have enough information regarding PSS PNOISE Analysis. Search help directory of your cadence or MMSIM installation.There are many help files in it...
See the Virtuoso Advanced Analysis Tools user guide, chap. 3 .
Dear all, I was just wondering about possible ways to transfer libraries and cells with all schematics, layouts, etc (import/ export) in cadence? Any help would be appreciated. I'd be grateful for any link to related user guide or manual as well. Looking forward to your response Thanks!
HI can anyone share cadence synthesis user guide?
Hi everyone , at present i am learning Concept HDL.i am using cadence allegro 16.2 . concept HDL user guide contains 592 pages i want to learn quickly for concept HDL. is it possible to learn quickly by using video tutorial link or anybody have concept HDL with example user guide. i have some doubt in De
Hi, In order to simulate your IBIS file in HSPICE, then you need to create a hspice deck. The syntax of which is specified in the HSPICE user guide. Alternately you can even simulate it in cadence using the ibis2spice utility and simulating it in spectre. Or else you can even convert the IBIS model to spice using ibis2spice of (...)
Both of these commands are cadence Verifault-XL compiler directives. I would consult the Verifault-XL user guide. Regards, Willis
Hi, Dear all: I want to use a model which implements a frequency domain function as: f(f)=1+cos(f/T) where 'f' is the frequency, and T is a constant. Is there such a model? analogLib or verilogA is prefered thanks in advance!
Hello, I want to do a rtl to gate implementation of a microcontroller design.. codes are available free here.. . Can anyone tell me a procedure/ design flow I can follow for a good optimization/realization of gates? I have used this cadence rtl compiler software before. That
which tools are you using to do the layout. They should have manuals or user guide or website where you could ask questions like cadence forums etc
Can any one please provide cadence encounter manual version 10.1 manual?
i just claim that i did not find that parameter MaxDistance of clock spec in cadence encounter user guide.
Hi All Can any one please provide me UG for cadence ETS timer. Any online Man page link for the same will be really helpful.
In the package cadence Allegro SPB 16.3 with cadence Design Entry HDL there is the Design Manager Tool that we can use to manage design data with Project Manager. I have red the Design Manager user guide to undertsand and configure the utility. In the Chapter 2 of the Design manager user (...)
If you don't have Encounter license than what is the use of user guide.? Search for "Links cadence tools user guide" in edaboard. You will get it.