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How about the video tutorials? If there are lots of materials then look through them.
Hi. As I know ncverilog have 2 way to simulation. one is single step by using ncverilog. the other is 3 steps b using ncvlog-ncelab-ncsim I want to know the benefits of SNAPSHOT, and What is the concept of SNAPSHOT? If you are using cadence tools, you should be theoretically having access to the user guide for that
Dear All, How to do N-detect test in cadence Encounter tool?There is no such option available with create_logic_tests command. Further, With create_logic_delay_tests command,'ndetect' option is there.The user guide defines it as "he number of times a fault must be observed before it will be marked as tested during fault simulation. "
Hi I am designing a two stage OTA using cadence . Need to run monte carlo simulation for offset voltage. can somebody give me any user guide. Thanks.
Is there any command in cadence encounter that will display a cell's or buffer's properties like delay, slew, fanout etc.?
I'm a novice in cadence. And I have designed a ring oscillator in virtuoso. Can you please help in doing the PSS, PNOISE analysis in cadence? Quick and detaled reply will be very helpful.
Hi!..can anyone please explain to me how to use the cadence optimization tool???I am using Virtuoso IC 5.14
Dear all, I was just wondering about possible ways to transfer libraries and cells with all schematics, layouts, etc (import/ export) in cadence? Any help would be appreciated. I'd be grateful for any link to related user guide or manual as well. Looking forward to your response Thanks!
HI can anyone share cadence synthesis user guide?
Hi everyone , at present i am learning Concept HDL.i am using cadence allegro 16.2 . concept HDL user guide contains 592 pages i want to learn quickly for concept HDL. is it possible to learn quickly by using video tutorial link or anybody have concept HDL with example user guide.
Hi, In order to simulate your IBIS file in HSPICE, then you need to create a hspice deck. The syntax of which is specified in the HSPICE user guide. Alternately you can even simulate it in cadence using the ibis2spice utility and simulating it in spectre. Or else you can even convert the IBIS model to spice using ibis2spice of (...)
Both of these commands are cadence Verifault-XL compiler directives. I would consult the Verifault-XL user guide. Regards, Willis
Hi, Dear all: I want to use a model which implements a frequency domain function as: f(f)=1+cos(f/T) where 'f' is the frequency, and T is a constant. Is there such a model? analogLib or verilogA is prefered thanks in advance!
Hi, Go through this tutorial at . Also, go through Rtl Compiler user guide and examples. --Javi
which tools are you using to do the layout. They should have manuals or user guide or website where you could ask questions like cadence forums etc
Can any one please provide cadence encounter manual version 10.1 manual?
i just claim that i did not find that parameter MaxDistance of clock spec in cadence encounter user guide.
Hi All Can any one please provide me UG for cadence ETS timer. Any online Man page link for the same will be really helpful.
In the package cadence Allegro SPB 16.3 with cadence Design Entry HDL there is the Design Manager Tool that we can use to manage design data with Project Manager. I have red the Design Manager user guide to undertsand and configure the utility. In the Chapter 2 of the Design manager user (...)
If you don't have Encounter license than what is the use of user guide.? Search for "Links cadence tools user guide" in edaboard. You will get it.
terebin4, It's a translation of schematics and layuots from one PDK to another How this can be done.? - Read Virtuoso Layout Migrate user guide from cadence. Best Reguards
Hi, Please give links for below documents. ICC user guide. Soc Encounter user guide. Prime Time user guide. Regards Qaul_TI
Hi, I'm testing the receiver. And I want to see if it will receive all signals defined in spec by eye pattern. My question is: Is there any way to generate appropriate signal in cadence that will meet the eye pattern that I will define? If I use bit source, than I get width of the eye equal to width of the signal. And I want to get smaller width (
Halo, I am using cadence Abstract Generator to create abstract cells for a digital standard cell library. The Abstract Generator user guide states that Antenna Calculations are switched off by default for standard cells. Does this mean that antenna calculations are unnecessary for standard cells? I am confused by this. Thank you!:roll:
Hello, I am using cadence for cmos analog ic design. I would like to see the headroom (vds - vdsat) and overdrive (vgs - vth ) for each MOSFET in my schematic. I know the Annotate -> Transient operating points tool in cadence which displays vgs, vth, vds and vdsat individually beside each mosfet. Since I am running this simulation over various
i mean, normally a voltage source is set by the "dc voltage" entry in the property manu. i am just wondering if this 'dc voltage" controllable by temperature? i tried to set "dc voltage"="temp", but the system take "temp" as just an undefined variable.
student can not access Thanks.
I am novice in the field of Timing Analysis... I have never worked on Linux platform (Except cadence for Circuit Design and Layouts).I am trying to figure out how do I use these tools. I have reference manuel, cheap dreamweaver but its kinda difficult and I feel I need 'Encounter True Test' and 'Encounter Timin
dear all, i want to study the cadence's SOC encounter .dose somebody have encounter tutorial or user guide. it is useful to me. please attach it or give a link .thanks! best regards
Go to log in go to "Product Pages" then under "Digital IC Design" go to "SOC 8.1" then under "E" go to "Encounter user guide" or "Encounter Text Command Reference" You can get PDF or HTML
i design a PLL,but i don not know how to use cadence to simulate the PLL output noise and jitter.have someboy know how to simulate it ?can you teach me?thanks
i want simulate a cmos vco in cadence. can anybody explain me how to do it?
Dear All, I need cadence Waveform Calculator user guide, if somebody have it and can share it me I will really appreciate it Thank you in advance Added after 43 minutes: OKAY GUYS I FOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUND IT THANK'S TO THIS GENIUNE COMMAND find / -name "calc.pdf" 2> /dev/null hahahhahha if som
How can i get the spectrum of a singal in the time domain ploted in cadence Spectre? You reach it in ADS by inserting a function such as fs(name,,,,,,,indep(m1),indep(m2)) in the data window after a transient simulation. Does there exist any counterpart function can do the same job in cadence Spectre? Thank you!
i want simulation steps for LC VCO with tuning range 2.23-2.45GHz
Hi, I'm a beginner. And I'm really frustrated by cadence encounter user guide. I'm doing a partitioned design in the bottom-up approach. The sub-blocks have all be placed and routed. Now I need to put them together. The cadence user guide says: <<<
search in SKILL Language user guide.. There you will get the correct command or file a service request in sourcelink site.. or you can post comp.cad.cadence in google group.. there u will get some reply..
I can't find any cadence tutorials that discuss these topics : --> Noise simulation --> Process Corners simulation --> How to plot gain against Id and stuff like that such as gm/id
hi,saro_k_82: Could you tell the full name of PSS,PAC,PSTB? Are these tools of cadence?
Anyone knows that cadence has a tutorial on conformal eq checking? The user guide is fairly long, I was wondering if there is any course material or exercises to help learn this tool quickly? Thanks
Hi all, I have just strated working on cadence Encounter Test based on linux-server. Can anybody suggest me any link/ebook of a tutorial/user guide for the same? Thanks
I think this tool is included in cadence IC package.
HI, I have to make screen shots from cadence IC5141 for my thesis. the thing is my circuit is already big and having a black back ground makes it diff. to read when it is printed !! is there any way to change the back ground color of the Schematic editor from black to an other color?? cheers
refer the user manual or enquire with cadence FAE. You can post this query in sourcelink site too.
Hi guys, Can any one guide how to perform the spiral inductor modeling in cadence spectre. Please assume i'm the first time user of spiral inductor design in cadence. Any details paper of running spiral inductor in cadence will be great help...Thanks.
Hi guys, can anybody tell me the skill function to join two strings and make the single string Regards, Analayout.
Hello, I need some basic tutorials on cadence Virtuoso showing step by step how to draw a schematic, it's symbol, how to attribute the symbol to the schematic and how to simulate this device. Thanks in advance.
Hi all, I want to ask you how to attach net name and instance name into GDS2 file with SoC Encounter. In Design-->Save-->GDS, I see Attach Instance name and Attach Net name section but I don't know how to create these file. In cadence user guide I don't see Does anyone has experience? Please help me as soon as possible. (...)
Thanks Ahmed, Could you please guide me the process of writing the SKILL script and calling it. or any documentation on Skill Thank You Shiva The best way to master SKILL is to read SKILL user's guide by cadence (in cdsdocs and has the name: sklhelp.pdf) it's not large, you can read it completely in one week..
hspiceS - Hspice with soket interface hspiceD - Hspice with direct interface From Analog Circuit Design Environment user guide "cadence has integrated simulators into the analog circuit design environment in two ways: Interfaces that use the direct simulation approach This is the preferred approach. With direct simulation, the (...)