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Hello buddies! I have a pcb design in front of me which is elaborated with cadstar. However I am using Altium and I am not able to import it. So I need to convert this file from .pcb to .cpa. Anyone can give me a hand with this?? Thanks in advance. - - - Updated - - - Problem solved. I have already con
Dear all, I am handling one high speed design , i want to update the existing design in zuken cadstar, while doing eco update what are the precautions need to take care ???? i am not bothering about design comparison with existing board but i want to use same attributes and settings from that , i exported attributes and settings from
Can you draw a circle with lines extending from the centre in solidworks - to give you the locations and then import that into say Eagle (dxf?), then place the LED's on the cross points? I know that you could do this in cadstar as there is a routine to do it however am not so sure for a hobby program.
Hello guys, someone can help me with this problem? I have a board design as PADS Layout file (.pcb), but i need to import the project into a cadstar 12 board... It seems there is no way to do this. Someone have experienced this problem? Any help is wellcome :roll:
I don't think, that Allegro can export to Altium designer. Altium designer however claims to import Allegro *.pcb files. Check the import wizard. P.S.: I previously checked the cadstar import feature of Altium, which basically worked.
Can mutliple files be imported to cadstar 12.1 Express? I have a board outline, and i am trying to import a rebel es LEd file as well. I want it to be a part of the board..... Any Suggestion? I am hitting a wall, I tried to combine them in soldworks, but it doesnt work well with the layers. The newbie, (...)
Hello all, I am trying to import a file .dxf file from solid works in to cadstar 12.1v. The issue i am having is that it says "Error: A shape on DXF layer 0 is not closed. Shapes of this type must be closed. The last segment found for this shape ended at (1000.036220, 999.000000) Thousandths of an inch. Error: A shape on DXF layer 0
How to creat a rinf net list in orcad 16.3.. I need that net list file to import cadstar
Scan2cad can make Gerbers out of a scan of the board, then use Starturn to import it into cadstar. You will then have to place your own components and tracks over the top of it to recreate it.
Hi all, Please tell me some ways to convert eagle board file to altium designer. What are the eagle export options available .Altium can import PADS,Allegro,cadstar..n Orcad.Please let me knw whether eagle can export to any of this format. Mobin Mohandas
Export the schematic in cadstar to RINF netlist I think and then import it in Pads.
as far as i know it is not possible. format you can import are: pcad orcad pads cadstar cadence mentor gerber files. Cheers
its really not easy job in cadstar as compared to other tools but u can do as mentioned above by mapping layer and all.
Export your present design as a pcb archive. Then go to 'Libraries/PCB Components'. Then 'Add File' Select the Archive file. The footprints will be added to your library. There is an option to import an Orcad netlist into a cadstar pcb design
I am reading my crystal ball..... Wait, the mists are clearing... Yes, ... yes I can see something now. Its a .CPA file in version 2.1 format that you have and by editing the file in a text editor you are able now to import it using file import - archive files. Oh no, it is getting misty again.... :D :D (I read the cadstar Users Y
YOu can not directly import .dsn file into cadstar. The only way is u have to Generate RINF netlist from ORcad and import the netlist into cadstar. Regards Abhishek
I dont use Protel so cant help, sorry. But in cadstar in this situation I would export the file as an archive & re-import it to check that the design is correct then go from there. You could have an error in the schematic, can you copy/paste sections of it to another schematic and transfer them to PCB to see which area fo the schematic is in
I have a cadstar schematic (don't know what version) but don't have access to cadstar. Can someone export it to a PDIF or EDIF format so I can import it into OrCad? or Have any other ideas on how t o get tit to an OrCad (15.7i) format? Thanx Rubens Chiluk Honeywell Analytics
Perhaps cadstar Express at can do this for you?