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Hi All, How to calculate a number of stages (flops), which are required for the synchronizer? Thank you!
I have a design with 20 -dff(d flops), 19 xnor and 18 nand gate, 15 inverters before scan insertion. after scan insertion i have 20 -sff (scan flops), 19 xnor and 18 nand gate, 15 inverters. now i want to know what is the gate overhead before and after scan insertion. how to calculate the gate overhead? when i was referring this i found a (...)
In STA , design will be having clock tree network and tool calculate clock path latency on each flop ..its not same on all flops. Rahul
Hi , If i have a design operating at 3 corners then in which corner i need to see IR drop ?? and also please elaborate how switching activity comes into picture for calculation . Also please tell how to know that which IR drop analysis is fine. Thanks Kirtesh8-)
I want to know how to calculate the power and delay of flip flops using the tool and as well as the theoretical calculations. please suggest me some books for power and delay formulas I think the book
Hi all, Can you please give a suitable solution to find out no of LUTs,FFs utilization for a given expressio such as : c = A.B +A.(B+C); Thanks....
Hi, I am trying to calculate the max frequency of the following circuit. The given parameters are: q. In the circuit shown, all the flip-flops are identical. If the set-up time is 2 ns, clock->Q delay is 3 ns and hold time is 1 ns, what is the maximum frequency of operation for the
Hi All, I have a question regarding a methodology to calculate the maximum and minimum frequency for TSPC D-FF. As I understand that Node Charge based Flip-flops suffer from 2 problems at high speed and low speed. At High frequency, delays of affect the operation affecting the maximum frequency. At Low frequency, leakage currents aff
Hi all, I am working on standard cell Library and now i am trying to generate the library for Flip flops and Latches. 1. Did i have to calculate setup time and hold time in the Library ? 2. What are method other than bisection technique to calculate setup/hold time? 3. What are things to be considered while design? 4. What are (...)
Hi, I have to compare the two programs which one is faster one, so please help me on ''how to find the execution time of the a simple matlab program".
HI all I just cost 16 Flipflops/Latches for my design why the report indicating me it spent 9 Slices for the design ,who can tell me how to calculate it ( i just think it will cost me 8 Slices) Cell Usage : # Flipflops/Latches : 16 # FDR : 16 # Clock Bu
hi to know more about flip flop u must learn about how the devices work especially the devices which calculate the frequency and which change the voltage to frequency it depend on the T flip flop to change its state every clock cycle and if u wanna know about D flip flop type u can download adatasheet of flash analoge to digital convert
1. setup and hold times are for flops not for design.. u need not calculate it. the fab will caluclate and u have to ensure that these timings are not violated in your fix setup/hold violations redesign your logic... try to reduce the combinational path delay , wire delay , parasitics etc.. 3,5. rise and fall time are calcul