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PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO calculate THE INDUCTOR AND CAPACITOR VALUES FOR THIS CIRCUIT Vin = 230V / 50Hz Celing Fan resistance = 350 ohms
Not using neutral means that the phase-to-neutral voltages are unknown. You can only measure phase-to-phase voltages and calculate nominal phase-to-neutral voltage, if necessary. Devices (...)
I have to calculate amplitude and phase balance of equal split (1:2) power divider in ADS can anybody provide me information for this approach that how can i plot amplitude balance and phase balance in ADS software
i am having 3 phase supply r y b n, the voltage across r and neutral is 205, voltage across y and neutral is 190 , and final the voltage across b to neutral is 220v. now tell me what is the voltage between r and y terminals, that is line to line voltage, i know that the (...)
Hi everyone, I need to wire up 3-phase motor. 5,5kW | 400V | 11,3A | direct delta connection | cos(phi)=0,86 | Cable length must be 25m. | Tmax=60*C | voltage drop max. 3% From calculation, I see that 2,5mm^2 would be ok, but I have doubts. Can someone give me advice? Thank You. Show us your calculations and we
So arcsin (xV/12V) is all i have... It is not too clear what exactly do you need, but assuming that you´re searching for some low overhead computational method that calculate the trigonometric function above, probably something like this could fulfill:
I measured the voltage and current waveforms of the capacitor under 80V ac 50Hz Can I calculate ESR and actual capacitance directly ?
in three phase circuit calculation of line-line voltage can be from Vry = 2 * Vphase voltage COS(30); Vry = √3 * Vphase voltage; sometimes phase (...)
Hey Frank, Thanks for ur reply. Is it sufficient to measure phase angle between current and voltage to calculate power factor? what if the phase angle is zero but current waveform is distorted? And also, can u pls elaborate on how to measure THD using notch filter technique?
hai, help me in finding flicker noise frequency for calculating phase noise for LC VCO also how to calculate current at particular node using T-spice i tried using probe command it shows as \only_varactor_with_DGFET_20131204_153404.tsim but i did not find the voltage in manual they mentioned as .probe tran Saves (...)
Hi, I have a RC high pass filter. How do I calculate the output voltage? Ckt is as attached. 97545 As I know gain = vout/vin = ωRC/1+ωRC... R=R1+R2 Hence the gain magnitude can be calculated using the above transfer function. Do I just multiply by the input voltage to the gain magnitude to get the out
There's no general solution without considerable restrictions of voltage and frequency range. You can't directly create a phase shift for a time domain waveform, you have to measure the pulse period and calculate a time shift. A digital delay of the sampled waveform might be the most simple way. Practically, use a (...)
You can excite with an AC voltage source and measure the current or use a current source and measure the voltage. then you know that: V/I = Z = R/ (1+ jwRC) that is the impedance of the RC circuit. w = 2* pi * frequency Take into account that V, I and Z are complex numbers. So you have to measure magnitude and phase. (...)
The complex "j" operator implies that there is a phase-shift associated with the component (i.e., current and voltage in the device are out of phase). If you are just trying to calculate the resistive part of the complex impedance, you don't need the "j".
Hello experts; I need to choose a transformer for a three phase bridge rectifier with 110Vdc and 50A average DC current at out put. Can anybody plz guide how to calculate transformer secondary voltage and current for this system. And also plz which configuration of transformer should be used. I mean delta-star or (...)
how to calculate or measure the XL value for the generator ? How to do that ?
panou, Glad you solved your own problem. I have a couple of questions for you: 1. how do you calculate the phase and magnitude from the voltage? 2. can I have an array of plane wave excitation with 5mm spacing between them? Would I need to worry about the mutual coupling between them? Thanks.
I want to measure voltage (and calculate rms value of it) using loc110. I'm referencing to this difference is i will measure a single phase 230V AC. I want to ask a few questions who have knowledge about this: 1- Do i need to rectify AC input? 2- What happ
I need to do the vector control on the motor and what I can have is just line-to-line voltage Vab, Vbc and Vca. How could I calculate quadrature axis voltage components Vlapha and Vbeta then?? (Existed formula are from phase voltage to Valpha and Vbeta)
How to calculate the braking resistor & wattage value for a 3.7 KW 3 phase inverter AC Drive ? thanxx