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Is adapted rpm code what you really want? The rpm code is originally to count the number of times the IR beam is broken within a fixed time period so it can calculate the speed of the fan. In your application it seems all you need to do is count the number of times the beam is broken and keep incrementing the number until you reset it. Am I (...)
if using a microcontroller such as a PIC24 you can connect the hall sensor to an interrupt on change input you then count the interrupts over a period of time (using a timer interrupt) and calculate the rpm
Hi, Give us some more information: What is your disired max. rpm to disply? What is your desired resolution of rpm? How often do you like to update your display? Hint: Usually you wait a known fixed time and count the pulses. Then calculate rpm by: counts/time With low rpm one waits for a rising (...)
Hi......... I want to build a bldc motor controller. I want to use the reading of hall sensor for rpm measurement also. Should I use interrupts of one of hall sensor and start timer and then do the calculations But what in case of overflow of timer Kindly suggest some other method Thank you..........
You are right. You start a timer when the first blade crosses the beam and stop it when the 2nd blade crosses. The counter will give you the number of counts that elapsed. If you know the freq that increments the counter then you can calculate the elapsed time. To increase precision you can increment the freq of the counter and the number of bits
Hi, I want to build this project where an IR Transmitter and Receiver are capable of monitoring a rotating element, producing an output compatible with PIC A2D to integrate with PIC system. Basically a modulated infra beam and detector detects the spokes (Black and White Strips) and pass the information to the PIC which calculates the rpm of
I haven't got the same compiler so I can't simulate but the basic method I use is like this: Start with Oldrpm = 0 and accept it may not show the very first reading correctly, store the measured rpm in Newrpm. 1. show the first rpm reading, 2. calculate abs(Oldrpm - (...)
So you are attempting to drive the motor with PWM and calculate its current rpm at the same time on the PIC16F877A, correct? What is the maximum PWM frequency and duty cycle? Also what is the maximum rpm of the motor? BigDog
you want to 1. make any animation on your circular screen? 2. any time controlled colour changer etc? do a thing , control speed of motor then make a circle on graph paper now draw ledz on your paper then calculate rpm with 360 degree and then get right sequenced coding thats the right way to make this type of things such as clock or any alph
Hi, I am using pic17f877 to measure motor speed in rpm. I connect sensor output(pulse) to RB0 interrupt. Turn ON Timer0 and check the RB0 pin for every 1 sec to count the pulse and then multiply the data with 60 to get rpm -- per 1 min. Here is my code, Pls help me to check and advice me , is this is the correct way of calculate the (...)
I am designing a box that is supposed to calculate vehicle speed (from a hell effect sensor, 4 pulses per revolution) and rpm (from tach input). Both are square waves with max frequency of 300Hz or so (in reality much less). I am wondering what the best way to get the values is (for rpm and speed): to count the pulses or to measure the (...)
You can put output from encoder to interrupt pin and detect state change. So you can meassure time between pulses to get rpm and use PID algorithm for motor speed control. You can also put timer on overflow on 1/10s and count number of pulses in that time period to calculate rpm. In this manner you will have time delay of 1/10s for feedback (...)
i need to run PF569-AC stepper motor using INS50-120 driver, bother r from mycom. the motor spec is torque 16.6(kgcm) rotor inertia 560(gcm2) basic step angle 0.72' Phase current 1.4A can anybody guide me how to calculate rpm, period of the pulse and frequency of this motor? coz i want to run the motor by giving pulse from labview softwar
in the data sheet of the stepper motor it is specified that step angle is 15 5 rpm @ 200pps unipolar torque is 60 N/cm Can anyone tell me how to calculate the speed of the motor ?
I think you should check the trigger circuit! Examine how much pulse for 1 engine rotation... if you have 1 pulse per rotation, here it is the formula to calculate the rpm : rpm = 60/T T : Time between 2 pulse in second
can any one provide many any usefull material about optical positioning how the optical sensors are used to calculate the rpm..
I'm using PIC16F877a...i'm connecting a DC motor on pin RC2/CCP1 (PWM) and getting the speed back from an optical interrupter on pin RC1/CCP2 (capture mode)...I'm using a 4 MHz crystal I'm letting CCP2 generating an interrupt every 16th rising edge, then i display the values of CCPR1L and CCPR1H on LCD I want to know how can i calculate this valu
dear friends m making a four wheel car in form of a robot. i have used two motor on the back side wheels. the motor is running on 12 v and has 200 rpm each. how can i calculate the current drawn from each motor so that i can make its control using power transistors. i actually want to make the car form robot turn on the either sides when needed.
Checkout : There are other ones not using the accelerometer! They just use the engine rpm to calculate the acceleration. Engine rpm can be took from a inductive pickup near the spark plug HT line, or it can be Techo output.
I have BLDC motor that has no load speed at 15V equal to 8800 rpm. If i supplied this motor with 12 V, then how i can calculate the new no load speed from the motor spec sheet? At no load, motor current is usually very small compared to rated current of the motor. Therefore, Eemf ≈ Vs where Eemf is the back emf and