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hi friends how can i design a D flip flop and calculate setup and hold time for it? Is there possible design d flip flop with PSSL family of logic ? thanks in advanced
can anybody explain me how to calculate setup and holdup time of d flipflop? thank you in advance..
Hello guys , I have a big problem, I'll explain the situation. I have a master-slave d flip-flop with transmission gates , and would I calculate the setup time . Doing simulations have come to a conclusion , that I have found a certain value. This value was found with a parametric simulation in LTSpice by varying the arrival (...)
I would not try to calculate S/H times from such datasheet type values, if I was anywhere close to the performance limits. If you slide data edge across clock edge, you will see a region where prop delay blows out, then metastability, then fail-to-catch. If you are going to depend on static timing analysis for design closure, then your real setu
by using spice simulation the min delay (setup time) required between data and clock so that data is captured to output is calculated. DATA __ __/```````\___ CLK _/``\__/``\__ OP _______/````` for example, the simulation is done in number of steps by decreasing delay between data and clock. in each it verify the output (should be 1 in (...)
Hi Every one The library setup and hold times are generally in the library (.db or .lib) and how these are calculated? Here is the Example Report. data arrival time 0.57 clock mck (rise edge) 2.50 2.50 clock network delay (ideal) 0.00 2.50 library setup time -123.44 -120.94 (...)
How do i calculate the frequency of D flip flop in cadence? Also, i am stuck up with the setup and hold time calculation in cadence.
i want to know something. i have to test a bunch of flip-flop and i want to compute their setup and hold time effectively. Is there anyway to calculate setup and hold time of a D flip-flop in cadence by using calculator, or any tools in cadence? regards mete
The setup/hold time calculation can be referred to report_delay_calculation during Design Compiler. Basically, the tool will refer to the timing table provided by .lib and calculate the result with input clock transition.
Hello! I think that on simple operation such as assignations, it should not depend on the compiler. P0 = 0x55 for example, will likely result in the same assembly code for all compilers. Now I don't understand what you mean by calculate average compiler. Again, this should be in the 8051 manual. Any assembler instruction should be detailed (how m
how will we justify for the following time calculation: Other End Arrival time 110.000 - setup 90.400 + Phase Shift 794.000 + CPPR Adjustment 0.000 - Uncertainty 106.000 = Required time 707.600 - Arrival (...)
hi.. The prime time tool will calculate timing for a path in single clock period. so what.... tool will not calculate setup & hold time for same FF. If we want to calculate setup & hold time for same FF then it need 2 clk period. and also it happen at (...)
I am trying to calculate the frequency of an incoming signal on the dspic30f4011 micro. I have setup a functioning pwm signal to test the incoming signal on. I believe my code is picking up the difference between the time captures of the signal, but I'm not sure how to calculate the frequency from there. I am running off (...)
hi how to calculate the setup time of a latch made up of two back to back connected inverters.
how to calculate the max operating frequency of the design considering setup and hold time constraints. thanks in advance
HI, I know setup and holdtime. I need some examples to calculate this.... I always find some difficulty in solving this timing issues. Pls help me
Hi I having a doubt in calculating the setup and hold time for a SR Latch (with clock and without clock). Could anyone explain how calculate setup/hold time for both clocked latch and without clocked SR latch. or else, is there any documents related to this. Thanks & Regds Muthamil
Hi Friends, I am designing a Negative edge SR FF. I am using the Glitch circuit. i having to calculate the setup and hold time form this. My doubt is the Glitch occurs after the falling edge of clock. And based on the Giltch only the output rise and fall occurs. How could i measure the setup and Hold (...)
thanks,the ppt is very good ,could you upload others ppt? another question:from the ppt ,I want to ask,we don't know the period of clk ,how to calculate the tsu and thold? from the ppt,the page 26 I think the tsueffective=txor+tsu-tclk=2+2-1=3 theffectiv=th+tclk-txor=2+1-2=1. is it right?
Hi all, I am working on standard cell Library and now i am trying to generate the library for Flip flops and Latches. 1. Did i have to calculate setup time and hold time in the Library ? 2. What are method other than bisection technique to calculate setup/hold (...)