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HI, I have to match the antenna impedance(50ohm).from the source 80EV0301, through the pcb track. I had used the formula. 113326 in above image the width has calculated as 2.78mm is this value right?. i don't know how to calculate these values to match impedance. please (...)
Hi, how to calculate the trace width for 80 meter distance transmission line. I am using rs 485 ic, and we split the pcb and join it using board to board connector. Single pcb length is 560mm, total length is 80 meter. Shall i route differential pair routing for AB line.
Hi, I have to do a pcb with a triac (TO-220 isolated package) and an heatsink. The maximum current is 9A. I've found tables for the track width but how can I choose the tolerated temperature rise in order to calculate the dimensions of tracks? I've seen a table with clearance distances ( ),