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Hi, Using cadence ADE calculator , there is a psd function. First you need to carryout transient simulation and then apply it to the signal. However, this may result with a long simulation time, and creating in equivalent small signal model might be useful. Good Luck !
Hi, You can use the psd function of the calculator. For more details take a look at this document (p. 89):
Hello, How to do the simulation of psd. I tried to use the psd function in Caculator based on the CDSDOC tutorial. However, I did not get the correct cruve based on the theory. Maybe some steps is incorrect. Does anybody can kindly tell me how to do it? I appreciate your help very much.
Hi, Plot the power spectrum density of your signal using the psd function of the calculator. You'll be apple to see the spurs.
Thank you Aya2002, i mean the function 'psd' in the Candence calculator , how to set the function's blank .Dose the 'From' 'to' mean the time interval i have simulate?
Hi all, I have one little problem in my work. By using the calculator I'm able to calculate the frequency of my signals. Since the calculator measures an average value, the frequency calculated is a little bit different from the expected one. Who can tell me how can I indicate some markers, between which the calculator measure the (...)
Using dft of calculator function,and you can get HD3 and SNDR.
i run .tran analysis, then plot the psd from the calculator, but how to normalized the psd and how to calculate the SNR?