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Hi, I am trying to plot a digital signal using calculator after transient analysis. I am able to get the faithful result at individual output. However, while trying to calculate an expression (4 * VT("/oB<2>")), and simulate it, I am not getting the value 4. Instead I am getting 20V on Y-Axis, where oB<2> is declared as reg. I've run a transi
Hi! I want to evaluate an expression with the calculator in Cadence. I do a sweep over a variable called "delay_stop". I want to see the actual y-value (voltage) of a pulse signal on that sweep-step. For example: value(VT("/Q1") "delay_stop" 4.738693e-09) Q1 is my signal and 4.738693e-09 is one time i clicked in the plot tool. (...)
Hi, with ADE, you can use the calculator (tools->calculator) and add Vgs-Vth as value to save. Then add gm = ids/vds, also with calculator. After somulation, in plot window, choose Y vs Y, that's it. No idea in command line, but feasible, because spice can do it. Regards
I use mikroE Timer calculator Tool. It doesn't generate more than 500 ms delay if more than 4 MHz Clock is used. Also it generates max 500 ms delay for 4 MHz Clock.
Hello, I am using cadence 5. I need to find a couple of calculator commands. I have to calculate -the time output crosses "50% of the output max value". Actually I don't want to obtain max value hover I don't know how to neglect the overshoot and undershoot although average isn't suitable for me either. Because my output (...)
Hi everyone, I am trying to plot current density (Id/Weff) v/s Vgs i.e Vgs sweep, but unable to plot and get following error in CIW (IC616 virtuoso):- expression evaluation failed: val is not legal. expression evaluation failed: OPT("/M0","ids")/OPT("/M0","weff") "("quotient" 0 t nil ("*Error* quotient: can't handle (srrWave:0x23af1
but value of e^1=2.71 and is that gain is acceptable.You are simply misunderstanding the scientific number format. e+001 means 10^1, take at look at the Windows calculator display or a spread sheet calculator.
I have setup a simulation with a design variable. With the simulation result, I wish to make some expressions that uses values of the design variable. For example, I currently have a design variable named 'freq1'. How do I utilize this value in the calculator/expression? I've tried value(freq1) (...)
Hi, For the gain, perform ac simulation, with a voltage value of "1 V" in your input source (if you design is differential, put +0.5 V on one side and -0.5 V on the other side). Then, when simulation is finished, open the calculator and enter the ac voltage of output, you can add 20log if you want this : you have the gain. To obtain the noise, wit
Hi, I was building an integral expression to measure power consumption in calculator depends on other expressions: (integ((v("/Vrfp" ?result "tran") * i("/V0/PLUS" ?result "tran")) Trise_begin Trise_end) / 1e-06) The initial value "Trise_begin" and final value "Trise_end" are defined as: "Trise_begin": cross(v("/Din" ?result (...)
Use following online calculator to get desired detailed study check this
Hi, i usually measure cap with ac analysis in cadence, but your way is also working :) So, i've created cellview: 107582 ADE window -> Tools -> calculator value(imag(ypm('sp 1 1)) VAR("Freq") )/(twoPi*VAR("Freq")) You can place just freq value instead of VAR("Freq"). That's my result: [CO
Hello! I tried doing the following: put autognd port on patch edge, run simulation, chose Zin graph. Problem is that Zin is around 50 Ohm at my frequency, wich differs from emtalks calculator that gives value of 200 Ohm ( ) As i understand, Zin is right what i need, but so huge difference makes me doubt thi
Hi All, I am using the saturn calculator for inductace. But due to formula restrictions i couldn't calculate indutctance for greater rhan 40 mills since W/H should be less than 3 But height(H- space between two layer) is around 8 mills which is constant. So suggest some other tool or app or formula to calculate inductane of trace width.
I wish to find RMS value of Electric field using Field calculator. Electric field has three components Ex, Ey, Ez. Frequency of operation is 100 Khz.. I am not able to perform integration with respect to time. Please help me. Thanks in advance
here for almost all current mcu today but you did not specify your mcu, nor the language you use ?
You want a Henry value which shows a greater impedance than your overall load, at the frequencies you want it to act. Suppose your load is 1/2 ohm. Here is an online calculator. I used the simulator first, and checked it against the calculator. obr
I am trying to use AD650 as V-F converter for the input range(0-10V) and output 0-100KHz Used Rin =102K, CINT = 1nF and Cos = 100pF, these values are based on online design calculator from AD When I wired on board, then Iam getting 90KHz for 9V and 10V, the frequency saturates at 9V. Now I tried medelling with Rin and for any set value of (...)
I am trying to calculate current from the current density in HFSS via fields calculator. I used Ampere law to get current. However the value of current I get is not the same as in theory. My model is a dielectric cylinder and I am trying to calculate current flowing through it. Kindly advise. Thanks
Hey, I would like know if it is possible to use a calculated output in cross function ? First, gain was calculated by out/in VF("/vo") / VF("/vi"). Then max value of the gain plot was tried to calculated by ''ymax'' function ymax(VF("/vo") / VF("/vi")). However it did not work. I used fist ''dbm'' to get dB equival

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