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In this video, I have reviewed the Grove started kit for
Hi all, Many of you may be interested in building electronics DIY kits. Building kits is one of fun and effective ways to learn electronics as well as soldering skill. The most classic and practical kit is LED clock kit for sure. Available clock kits in market provide basic clock features like time and (...)
Those probes should be suitable. It isn't a high performance machine I'm afraid but it will be fine for hobby usage. Don't forget to calibrate the new probes before you take any measurements: 1. set their switches to X10 position 2. connect the probe to the calibration output on the scope and ground clip nearby 3. adjust the Y gain to get a wavefor
Hi Folks, I am looking for a working micromaster / speedmaster / epmaster LV48 by ICE Technology, with or without PSU. OK, so they are antiques, but so are the chips that need to be tested. Or, does someone have a way to make their GLV-32 run the "chiptest" routine for 74/4000 series logics, as it does not seem to be an available option on t
Are you an entrepreneur looking to get into the uber business? But can?t decide what uber service you want to stare. Let us teach you how to start your uber business. In these posts, filled with our expertise and tips, we walk you through the sign up process, as well as the necessary preparation, and ongoing business management secrets to help y
Hi this is my attempt to create a cheap but effective 1-60MHz measurement marker generator and simple tracking generator for a Tektronix 491 vintage spectrum analyzer. The nominal levels of the input of the analyzer are shown in the right. calibration, a must for old machines, should be of no importance with my plugin, since the DDS generated mar
156484 PCB Solar Panel kit Monitor Box Hi All, I have a solar kit for camping that has a plug in monitor box. The wires to the PCB inside were soldered poorly and have come loose I am unable to work out what wire goes where. There is 4 wires Red, Black, White and Green and 4 soldered areas where the wires were
Hi, What will be the best and low-budget educational materials and platforms? Learning materials and platforms as in books, simulation softwares, development kits (from which manufacturers?), affordable tools. What I already know: 1. C and C++ programming. 2. Python 3. Built a few projects with Arduino 4. Raspberry Pi Can anyone sugge
Using the kT/C noise to calculate the unit cap is a reasonable approach. MOM caps usually used in the design of the cap dac for SARs match pretty well, maybe up to 10 bit accuracy and they keep their matching for many years. For 12 bit dac you may need to think of some sort of calibration for the first 2-3 MSB caps. Or use redundancy in the dac whi
Hello members, Which RTOS do you all suggest for STM32F429? Thanks in advance, Embedded Geek
A general solution that doesn't depend on a specific camera position and lens properties would be a calibration grid placed on the playground. Then determine a mapping function (e.g. 2-D look-up table) that calculates x-y coordinates for pixel positions.
I am trying to do some free space calibration to extract material data from unknown arbitrary material. I am struggling with the calibration part as the s parameters i am getting is not good enough to get proper value. Can anybody please suggest the calibration procedure? I have E8361 keysight VNA. I have Type N short, open, load, through (...)
There might be few variable that impact consistency of the electrical response. Manufacturing tolerances Component Tolerances Measurement Errors The results generally look not too bad but I believe there are calibration and measurement errors.
What the intended accuracy (delay, Z0)? MS-156C itself has limited precision, see e.g. VSWR spec. Did you consider to make your own calibration kit?
Have with few microntrollers. Trying to learn psoc technologies. What psoc is good to start with?. Considering the easiness to start learning the psoc and the low cost what is recommended?.
Hello, Has anyone used this NCSU kit for Analog Design ? Or is it mainly for digital design (standard cell flow). Thank you.
Hi to all! Help me please to solve a problem during simulation a model of MRF 13750 in ADS. See attached file.
Is the noise there with the scope tip grounded or connected to the scope calibration signal?
Dear all, I'm facing a problem with a post-pnr simulation that I hope you can help me figure out. The design flow is based on the GPDK045 kit from Cadence. I use Genus & Innovus for synthesis & pnr, Modelsim for simulations, and I have compiled the standard cell library with modelsim for gate-level simulations. Post-synthesis, my timing co
Dear all, I am having a problem with a post-pnr simulation that I hope you can help me figure out. The design flow relies on the GPDK045 kit from Cadence. I use Genus & Innovus for synthesis & pnr, and Modelsim for simulations. I have compiled the standard cells with Modelsim for gate level simulations. Post-synthesis the timing constraint