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Hi, I want to make a simple ESD circuit using two diodes clamped to VDD and GND. I am using nMOS transistor to configure these diodes. But, I don't know how big these transistor should be? I have seen in some ESD something like L=10um and W=10um but don't know what are the variables that are considered to get these values. Also, if I am usi
Are there any other circuit solutions besides emitter degeneration and the darlington configuration to reduce a BJT differential input base current variation across monte carlo? My system PSR spec is taking a hit across monte carlo, and I think it's due to mismatch in the amplifier base current.
If I were you, I would use 2 Detector+ADC block instead of a single with a this case, incoming and reflected waves can be observed simultaneously. Because this system will need a calibration routine along the frequency band of interest due to small deviation of the frequency response of the components.If this calibration is done for -let'
Hey guys, For sale: Brand New Open Box! -SignalHound BB60C -Pasternack calibration PE5500-kit Need to sell everything,so feel free to make an offer,shipping by buyer and I just accept payment Paypal and Wire transfer. Thanks!
Hey guys, For sale: Brand New Open Box! -SignalHound BB60C -Pasternack calibration PE5500-kit Need to sell everything,so feel free to make an offer,shipping by buyer and I just accept payment Paypal and Wire transfer. Thanks!
I would like to know how can initialize the content of DDR2 memory using xilinx tools ? my purpose is to load to static images to the memory before starting its operation, meaning initialzing different memory locations with different pixel values. You can't initialize a DDR2 memory device unless you mean writi
Have already replace the new battery and tried with 33.0 and 33.1 Special function, but error remains. May i request the procedure to IF calibration with battery replacement. As i Get Error 80 after putting new batter. If i try to callibrate with 346B, error 26 appears. Thanks.
Hi, I am doing experiments with wifi antennas in noisy environment. I need to place 2 antennas close each other, but each about 20cm far from the module. The final goal is to build a lan extender which will cross a special barrier, I will not enter into details. BTW, the difficult part is to find wifi bridge which are OEM, so that I can solder
Hi, I started learning CAN bus network and I found a evaluation kit to interface with Rasberry Pi. They have used MCP2515 CAN controller with MCP2551 CAN transceiver. My question is why do we need a controller? Why cant the TXD and RXD of the MCP2551 can be connected d
Hi can any one help with this please. 4.2.3 EASY PLUS Remote monitoring of the UPS using a non-dedicated PC is straightforward with EASY PLUS. Easy Plus is a software package for Windows and Windows 95 which offers a highly detailed description of the UPS working status along with suggestions for possible remedial actions when necessary. After
HI, I need to program Atmega32u4 on a breadboard. Since Atmega32u4 chip pins are so small and looks lke they can't be programmed on a breadboard, I would like to know if from ebay could
Hello! Looking for a Hameg HM5014 spectrum analyzer service manual containing calibration proceedure. Finding manuals on the net but none with calibration information. Any help would be appreciated! Rod
Hello, I purchased PIC 2 and a universal development board. The MPlab I use is able to detect the kit 2 however it keeps showing me error message that the microcontroller is not installed properly. Help me out please, this is my very first time. The power supply I used to power the development board on which the microcontroller lie is 4.5V and the
Hi all, First of all, HFSS is quite challenging. :roll: I am new to HFSS and have a question. There is the option "Mesh Operations" in HFSS. Where I can refine or define my own mesh for the problem. How and when do I have to apply the operation in order to take effect ? Before or after the "Analysis" process ? For example, I have a probl
That's pretty good. I'm assuming that the oscillator power is 15-20 dBm? If so, then the performance is approaching the theoretical limit of -174dBm for a room temperature device. Since the oscillator is ovenized, this performance is also amazing. If your oscillator is less than 10dBm output, you might want to check your calibration.
Ive read a closed topic called Want to make a FPGA board. It was an interesting discussion. I am also interested to develop a low-cost FPGA development board but some of its features are distinct from the one purposed on the closed topic. Why I am interested to build a low-cost de
Hi, How can it be that you calibrated it and it shows wrong values? How did you do the calibration? If you need more help you should provide all necessary infirmation. * your circuit schematic (not the darasheet's schematic) * your PCB layout * the IC setup * your analog input signals (voltage/current, frequency, waveform, how reliable are they)
Hi, multiply with what value? A random calibration value? Klaus
I am reading the hall sensor values directly using Adc, but even when the motor is not moving there is small difference of adc count between hall sensors and fluctuating When dealing with these chip sensors it is always useful to have a calibration procedure in order to set up the same baseline for all of them, and course, store it i
Hi, As a new learner in digital control in power electronics, I would like to ask for reference materials such as pdf files or code example. Thanks.