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I have buy FRDM-KE02Z freedom kit form freescale. Can anyone give me some sample programs written in keil like blinking an LED as i am new to this platform.
Good day Experts! I'am planning on building a DC-DC converter trainer kit of some sort as a Design project for my program. I just want to seek an expert advice from you guys. Most DC-DC converter kits I've seen do not focus on the control side of the power stage of the converter. I want to build one that focuses on the control side of the con
hi therre ı am new here ı need some chematics abouth intercome 2 ways thks
So your operating frequency is too high right ?? SMD pads should normally not change the response too much at moderate frequencies (1-2GHz ). Either there are some calibration errors in your simulation setup due to very close ports or something goes wrong. Can you post your layout and simulation setup ??
Dear All, I want to use ADS2016 from Keysight to Co-Simulate the PCB layout with RLC. But for the first step, I found the layout simulation results were not believable. The real part of the impedance of the pad directly connected to the GND plane seems to be too large, is about 27.8Ω @f=2.45GHz. And the imaginary part of the impe
I want to use Agilent 85033D calibration kit for Advantest VNA. However I don't have calibration Constants of this. How can I know calibration Constants ? I have LIF format 2DD Floppy Disk Agilent 85033D calibration kit 3.5mm calibration Constants 8752A, 8753B/C (...)
Hi, I just want to use XADC for Temperature and Voltage Monitoring purpose and not for any A/D conversion purpose in Kintex. I found an example design as and here are the ports: module ug480 ( input DCLK, // Clock input for DRP input RESET, inpu
Heye I have found such project: AN 80M TRANSMITTER FOR RADIO ORIENTEERING by G3ZOI But I don't understand how it works.... 1. What is exacly transmitted? Is this a morse code generated by PIC or what? 2. Can I receive it with 80m SSB/CW transmitter? 3. How hard would it be to modi
Dear Sir, i have designed verilog code and i have spartan 3e kit which is used wave share board so i easily connected cypress usb board (cy7c68013a). i install cypress driver and i open it. but the hardware not detect. i want program to the board. help me thank you
Hi dear colleagues How can I connect sub lead of any bjt on ams35 pdk on cadence virtuso layout !!!!???
Internal ?C clock has error in % range, so crystal oscillator is mandatory for requested sub-ppm error, possibly with calibration and temperature compensation. I agree that ?C with hardware timer output is the best single chip solution.
You probably want a 'forgiving' load which does not change suddenly, and which doesn't stall the motor. One suggestion for creating such a load is a paddle in water. calibration is not easy however.
Hello folks, maybe stupid question, so bare with me :) Is source and drain of MOSFET exchangeable?, i.e Ids current is bidirectional. when I see their layout, they are the same. So, always we are concerned about where to connect the drain and the source? I believe in power MOSFET, this is different because the layout is different, so Ids i
I am looking for a AA NiMh cell that last like 5 years and has the highest capacity available. I know Panasonic has 2700 MAH AA cells but I heard they only last for like a year and either they don't work at all or have a very low MAH. I also Know of Eneloop which are available in High capacity and can last for like 5 years and so. So anybody has a
Hello all! I am doing a design to charge/discharge a capacitor to generate pulse output for calibration measuring. I started the design based on a previous circuit done by another coworker. The stage is show below: 138787 The circuit works properly doing the discharge when the square signal activates the npn. My is
Having trouble reading discs mainly near the outer edge of discs. That is, the last third of any movie stops, jumps, or goes to index, or shows 'no disc'. The mechanism is super clean, lubricated, slides smooth on this well kept unit that has seen little use, never dropped nor abused. Is there any tutorial or suggestions you may point to in
Hi My matlab version on my instrumental computer is 2015b. (But I also have another computer having Matlab 2016a version that I can test this issue. Both computers have Windows 7 Service pack 1.) I have a difficulty to control Sensirion SHT75 RH sensors connecting to sensirion EK-H4 kit with Matlab. Some people studied about controlling SH
You can use a cheaper and compact ( and accurate ) directional coupler you hesitate from the generated harmonics coming from your rectifier circuit, use a BPF to eliminate the others. As a remark, a calibration method will be necessary in your measurement system due to non-ideal c
As said, looking at U1 and U2 output voltage would clarify what the problem is. U1 and U2 need tp swing symmetrically below and above input common mode level, +/- 1V for the G=100, Vin=20 mV example. But if the input is already at 0, one output can hardly swing to -1V. You can e.g. bias the input voltage to Vcc/2 to solve the problem. You would
It's empirical curve that can best implemented as table with linear interpolation. Just pick up a number of sample points from the diagram. A problem is however the large sensitivity variation over temperature and humidity, your sensitivity calibration is only valid for typical environmental conditions.