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Yes, most seems wrong. Measured phase seems wrong and measurement setup could be better. Use ferrite tubes to avoid adding vna cable as part of the ground and if possible avoid that SMA arrangement at PCB. Simplest, cut cable near end, add ferrite tubes, solder cable braid directly at PCB after remove paint at ground so that it is possible to m
Hi All, I have worked with Atmel microcontrollers before and it was a nice experience. Recently I got a SAMG55 XplainedPro kit with the ATSAMG55J19A (Cortex-M4 core) on it and started programming the kit using the atmel studio 7.0 compiler. I am running an executable project code and until now I am dealing with three main issues from the compiler
I write the redhat iso file to my U-disk using ultraISO tool. Then boot with usb device. I see the menu: 1.Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 2.Test this media & intall Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 3.Trouble Shooting. I choose item 2. there is some cricital info: tst: Fast TSC calibration failed After a while, I hit ESC. pri
process(rst, adcclock_80Mhz) begin if rst = '1' then ADC_Timelog <= (others => '0'); ADC_Timecnt <= 0; elsif adcclock_80Mhz'event and adcclock_80Mhz = '1' then ADC_Timecnt <= ADC_Timecnt + 1; time_ack <= '0'; if(ADC_Timecnt = 8192) then ADC_Timelog <= ADC_Timelog + '1'; Timestamp <
Hello! I have recently finished designing of my electromagnetic resonator. It is 4 port structure using 4 circular QMSIW antennas which are isolated from eachother but are constructed on a same substrate. Picture is attached My requirement is to make a calibration standard using at least 3 ports or 2 ports for calibration and then the remaini
There may be many reasons such as.. -Lower Quality Factor of the Resonant circuit than preview -Poor Noise model of the active devices ( MOS,Varactor) -Underestimated Supply Noise ( VCC and Vtune) -Measurement and calibration Errors -Poor GND decouplings etc. There may few more..It's not easy to predict the main cause without deep information abou
Hello folks! I am working in a new design based on the Xilinx evaluation kit Zc702. I wanna preserve the most of the parts of the evaluation board but I need to attach to independent Ethernet PHY to the Processor Part. I ahve searching in internet and I did not found any info about it. And after reading the user manual of the evaluation kit (ug8
Hi How I can get Noise parameter for ATF-511P8 transistor ? I have looked to the file provided by Avago Technology, but it doesnot included noise parameters, just S- parameter. Any one know pls help me?
The problem with post #9 was that the claimed transfer curve didn't fit the actual operation of the inverting amplifier. Apparently you had confused two different circuits. Nevertheless can the intended function implemented with a single OP, if you want. A disadvantage of the implemented "ideal" transfer function Vout = 2*(Vsensor - 2.5) is that
Hi I want to but FPGA for usage in power electronics generally and solar inverter. it should has the following features 1- parallel operations (drive more than one inverter at the same time) 2- interface with simulink matlab 3-the processor should support floating point could you please recommend me one?
Hi, theoretically yes. Maybe you have to adjust for gain. And most probably you need to run an offset calibration in your software, because it seems the signal output is referenced to +1.25V. It´s not possible to use the full 0...10V input range of your acquisition system. Klaus
I interface M90E26 with ATtiny88. I have Set calibration register PL_CONST_H as 0x0003 & PL_CONST_L as 0XA2E8. But unable to read Active energy register. Could someone tell me the steps for reading active energy register?
Hello all, I need simple (DIY?) CY8C5868LTI-LP039 & CY8C5888AXI-LP096 Cortex-M3 programmer. I've read that those chips have JTAG, but does that mean that ANY jtag programmer will work? Thanks in advance
I did that. Used x100 analog amplifier based on cheapest LM358. But the mathematic was a bit complex. calibration needed with linear aqualization. Cold junction was fake - used 20 degrees (indoor use only).
Good evening everybody, I want to know if my device ispLSI 1048 can be programmed by IspLever Classic 2.0 ? if not ,what's the software appropriate to this opération? And what''s the kit of programmation that i'll need? Regards
Hello, I want to do a three-phase energy network analizer, which can evaluate in real time the power factor and THD. for that I must do the DFFT (discrete fast fourrier) in real time. What DSP board (development kit) do you recommend me? I need a development board kit to start. I need something cheep too.
I have a FM transmitter for 88-108Mhz frequency and the frequency I fixed with 107.9MHz. As per the product description it gives 0.5W transmission gain. The product link is below. Now I need to design a simple and efficient antenna for this transmitter. I can find lot of simple antenna design from google search but one thing I can'
I have made 170. So below 170 it should not detect any tap but it is still detecting Are you aware that each axis should be considered independently on the external calibration process ? It sounds that you had used a unique parameter 170 to define the baseline for all x,y and z.
Hello Experts! I am in the process of designing a frequency division multiplexing trainer kit for laboratory demonstration purposes. The circuit has to be designed on the lines of an existing design. The existing schematic contains tunable inductances L1-L4 marked in red on the schematic. I would want to avoid the usage of inductances in th
It seems an interesting application, but I would say that in a general way it may not be possible, because the sound intensity could vary according to the geometry of the show room, which implies the need of a pre-calibration of the system for just that musical instrument of the orchestra, separately. Also, this would have to be done for each song,