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Yes, it's possible to use a cheaper SA at higher Frequencies using with a Mixer but an accurate calibration must be done because Frequency Response of the Mixer is not flat at all. Also, spurs and naturally created harmonics that will a obvious results of the Operation of Mixer may be troublesome and they have to be well filtered.One more, Input Se
Datasheet says that individual adjustment (calibration) with alcohole vapour/air mixture is necessary. Resistance value of MQ-3 is difference to various kinds and various concentration gases. So, when using this components, sensitivity adjustment is very necessary. we recommend that you calibrate the detector for 0.4mg/L (approximately 20
Actually I am working in an DSP alorithm, in the top module of my verilog code I called my data as given in below code. But when I am dumping bitstream in the FPGA Basys 3 kit ( LEDs as output) the FPGA is not showing any output. Why? can anybody help me to solve it. (It is working properly in the simulation phase but not in hardware). Also when I
I want to include RF Transistor Vendor kit to my Advanced Design System. When I started to open ADS and include RF Transistor Vendor kit, including RF Transistor Vendor kit is not appearing in my ADS. Please some one help me how to include RF transistor vendor kit to my ADS. I have attached screen, what I am getting, when I (...)
I pretty much disagree with everything you said. The minimum load resistance IS NOT a function of voltage. It probably has something to do with compensation. If you're evaluating accuracy, calibration, etc using TYPICAL performance then youre doing it wrong. ;
hello everyone.. Iam trying to implement a simple code using Arty A7 kit. In this code iam converting a train of three pulse into a single pulse. I completed with the code ,simulation,implementation ,bit streaming . Now Iam getting error in clocking process .Some of the cells are not clocked properly. Please help me how to select clocking in vivad
What are the purposes of {L5, R5} , {C10, C11} , {R2, R4} in this HF upconverter circuit
Hi Do you know of any cheap place in UK or Europe where we can take our offline PSU for conducted EMC doesnt need to be a properly accredited lab.....we just want to use the kit to do some general modify-and-test type work. We dont need all that aluminium covered floors and walls stuff.....nor a ?440k spectrum analyser...just a
ALC is OFF , try with ON .. Signal Generator may have a calibration error or both..
If you use wireless modules at input/output of this structure, you measure the impedances of the wireless modules not sensor.calibration cannot be done.. - - - Updated - - - If you use wireless modules at input/output of this structure, you measure the impedances of the wireless module
i have fabricated TRL calibration kits for my design. however, i figured that it's not straight forward to do TRL calibration in the PNA E8358A. we need to add new calibration kit before using them to calibration. can anyone tell me how to do TRL calibration on E8358A? (...)
Hello, I am using AD7730 IC to read load cell data. I am trying to calibrate AD7730 ic using MV generator.The output range is 0 to 20 mV in unipolar mode. The calibration procedure I have done is as follows:- 1) System zero scale calibration on 0 to 80mV range when Ain+ve and Ain-ve terminals are open. nothing will be connected here.after
I need a FPGA kit to satisfy these utilization. Can anyone recommend me a certain type please ( From Xillinx). 154339154339
Hi, What´s the alternative? Doing memory test continously? .. And all other tests? like auto calibration routines... ..and what if the test has influence on the running system..because it modifies the values of memory cells (for sure at runtime they are filled with useful data), or just because it needs processing power. For sure: everything is
DIP switch is a terrible selection for On/ Off control of anything other than occasional selection of optional features. Good glass will not make your light sensor less accurate. After all, you are measuring visible light. Any diminishing of lux can be compensated for by calibration & software. Next project you should make a colour meter.
I am working on a kind of self project to driver a motor using the micro chip kit. Now i want to make a kind of complete application solution for commercial purpose. What are the applications i can work on? How do i approach? Any ideas or suggestions.
When I try to zoom in order to see the layers of the device ,I tried to increase stop in options > display but it shows me a box with a cross on it.your help appreciated 154227 154228 154229
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Are MEMS sensors are available in analog form? Sure, that's why I suggested it. The advantage is easy calibration of measurement output.
Hello, For Analog Mixed Signal Layout in CMOS in 65nm and blow, what finger size and multiplier should be used ? I have been told to avoid multipliers unless in cases of Common Centroid layout. Also, what finger size to pick ? Someone recommended to me W < 20 ∗ L at lower or at 65nm CMOS for the size of each finger (so for 65nm -