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First, you need to use the microstrip schematic models properly, including MSTEP, MCROS and MLOC. It is not accurate to just cascade MLIN with very different width. There are examples included with ADS. One example how to build this structure from schematic models: N
Hello, I have been proposed to make an iPhone application that must connect wirelessly to a a target board that has Bluetooth capabilities. I know that the iPhone (IOS) communicates in either wifi or Bluetooth. I am therefore wondering what Bluetooth chip is able to communicate with the iPhone? Also if anyone knows of a good development
Hello All, I am implementing a TRL calibration, as a results i am solving for the propagation constant of my transmission lines. Solving for α+iβ... isn't β = 2π / λ where λ is the wavelength of the transmission line --> λ / √(er). With some test data, I can see my TRL calibration indeed returns the c
Hi,what is the proccess to import a design kit into ADS 2009 or 2017??
but it is n't accurate for more than 5 degreesQuestion: Is the problem really of acuracy or fluctuation of the measured value along time? If acuracy, the resolution of the problem would go through the fine adjustment of the calibration parameters c1, c2, c3. However, if the problem is of measured value not being steady, my bet is tha
hi i plotted gm/id VS vgs(vsg) curves for nfet and pfet in FINFET technology.The maximum gm/id is 20 for nfet but that is 40 for pfet. why??:shock: these curves have been shown in following: 151827 (Note: The maximum gm / id for nfet and pfet is similar in MOSFET technology):roll: thank you
Hi all, Had a series of questions just wanted to run by, sorry if they are pretty beginner. 151848 When using a quarter wave impedance match, in this case for a patch antenna, it doesn't matter how long (disregarding real loss) the input transmission line is? Will the quarter wave match perform as expected with any leng
Hello everyone, I want to find a design kit for ADS of CG2H40045 or CG2H40045 GaN HEMT power amplifier in form zip please help me
Hi, We wish to monitor our factory?s mains voltage with a voltage reading data-logged every second for 10 hours each day. We will feed the isolated , rectified and divided down mains voltage into a datalogger?the EL-0EM-3? EL-OEM-3 (?25.95) (We will isolate the mains v
What are software and hardware requirements for a embedded system mounted on a rifle scope? I need to specify detailed image processing and graphics overlay requirements for state of the art rifle scope? I'm looking to specify the entire pipeline starting from image sensor to display. The specification needs to be comprehensive. It'll be used
hi every i need 90nm or 180 nm tsmc design kit for ADS 2016 i cant get it from any site they need registration and permissions can anyone please send me the file please
hi all i tried to extract s parameters for bjt bfr96 amplifier for specific Q point(VCE=10V, IC=50mA) from s parameters simulation in ADS 2017 but it not as same as bfr96 datasheet. i know the S Parameters from vendor datasheet is reliable, but what about the S parameter simulation??? thank you in advance!
i am designing a self-calibrated dynamic comparator. for that purpose i used to calculate the offset of comparator after calibration. For calculating the offset, i used a verilog code for 2:1 MUX. By doing this i get satisfactory results. Now i have to do monte carlo simulation of self-calibrated dynamic comparator. But due to use of verilog cod
I just started downloading all the stuff to program the ESP8266 on a Windows machine according to the instructions I'm more at home on a Linux box, I'm wondering if anyone would know from experience which environment is easie
Hi, There is no formal regulation on the mains, so how does it manage to be so well regulated? In Germany (Bavaria) over a long weekend, the mains was pretty much totally between 226-232VAC at a domestic readings taken every minute) All readings were within 220-235VAC. You would think there would be serious ir drops where there
I want to assign bindkey for a toolbar button. For example, Key 4 for toggle between Transparent group ON/OFF. In the Toolbar Manager window (when I click customize option), the callback function of this action is _lebTransCB(). I try to assign this callback function with the Key 4, but when I apply, it does not work. I decide to find how this
Hello there, I'm working on a PoC prototype for a human/animal body temperature measurement system as an IoT solution. After some research, I see that the MAX30205 is an excellent choice for human body temperature measurement. Now I ordered the sensors alright, but I'm stuck on one question: How will the final sensing probe look like if I
ok, I am designing an LNA using ATF-55143 at a bias of Vds=3V and Id = 30mA I am using the Package Model displayed in the 3rd picture below, which is on the datasheet as I also posted below. I was hoping that my s-parameters would come out with no more than a 5% or less of an error than the same s-parameters in the s2p file, shouldn't the s-paramet
Hello I am about to buy a motor and esc kit and I had a few questions. I looked online for the escs and I noticed they don't label the escs. So I was wondering is there any way to figure out what the wires on the receiver are. I was wondering how do you know which wire is the signal wire and which is the ground and vin. The esc I am looking to
"measure return loss between two pads on my pcb" is equivocal in several regards. - singled ended or differential port? - nominal impedance - active or passive circuit Generally speaking, it's surely possible and often used for calibration and test purposes.

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