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Hello all, This is my first post in this forum, hoping to get the solution. I have been using ADS 14 MoM and got comparable measurement results. Recently, I switched to ADS 2017 Update 1 and observed the strange thing. For continuous microstrip structures like couplers, patch antennas etc,I am getting same result in both the ADS version usin
Want to practice soldering on real circuit board? Shop the most completed IPC J-STD-001 Revision F/G training kits featuring real circuit boards that represent actual soldering conditions. This kit is offered by BEST Inc which is a well known Master Trainer Company for PCB rework and repair services in the United States. BEST this solder training k
I?m designing a matching network at TLs, and I?m observing a dependence of network input impedance on open stub length using ADS co-simulation. I tried it by two ways ? first, I placed input port directly at point of the open stub connection. The second one is by using a TL section 10mm length inserted between input port and open stub connection po
Hello, I am planning to analyze breathing pattern using a microphone. I have MSP430F5438A Experimental board. I found that the board itself has a microphone. I am looking for any documentation available about how to use the microphone from the board. I did a little bit of research but didn't find details other than the user guide for the board.
Traditionally CO2 is measured by IR absorption (IR spectroscopy) but there are sensors available for CO2 but they need calibration /standardization regularly. For a quick check, these are very convenient and a number of companies sell them. Perhaps a quick google may be of help!
I seem to be getting through quite a few cans of compressed air for cleaning dusty electronics/computers etc. Is it Ok to use a small compressor with a filter/trap instead? Will the compressed air be just as clean as from a can? If so, what type should I be looking for? Thanks.
Hi, I need to change the code of the kit AVT2857 to read up to 30A instead of 10A, can someone help me? I have the code in .ASM format. 73, Fernando - PU2PLL
Hi All, I want to perform place and route based on UMC 65nm node. However in the design kit, I cannot find above "physical only" cells and instead there are only filler cells (with/without n/p capacitors) and well tap cells. I was wondering whether the Endcaps and Decaps can be replaced by those filler cells with capacitors. Is this possible ?
You should use Direct Mode because TRL Mode is used for the Ports which have an Reference Off-Set only. I don't agree. Without reference plane shift, TRL calibration can remove the (usually small) port discontinuity. Port discontinuity results from feeding at the end of the line with a vertical voltage source betwe
Hello everybody, has someone use that cheap SDR receiver kit form Cina (it has good reviews in shop offering
Hello all, I have a question concerning the format of complex numbers and the math behind calculating the error matrix to calculate calibrated measurements. 148911 I am using the above relationship to relate my actual measured values to calibrated values. My three standards are a delay match, and two delay shorts.
Hi All, My query is related to Atmel QTouch Safety Library. I am using SAMC20 micro-controller in one of my project, which has 10 selfcap touch sensors, all of them shall not be used, the sensors which needs to be used are defined in configuration which is received by SAMC20 from UART. The basic idea is that, at power-up I am not initializing th
i supposed to set the port calibration to none but i cannot find port calibration in ADS 2017. Is port calibration is not available for latest ADS versions?
In 2017, Kontron introduced the first version of a network interface controller (NIC) enabling Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). The standard PCI Express network card and the associated network and switch drivers for Linux allow for industrial computers to be connected through a redundant ring-, line-, daisy-chain- or star-shaped TSN network. The Ko
I am building a pH probe interface. Cant decide whether I should go for HW calibration or SW calibration. What would give the most accurate result? I guess SW based is more versatile. Have been looking at a few solutions out there like analog devices
Hi , I have recently purchased dsPIC33FJ256GP506 starter kit. Unfortunately I realized that it has only USB port and no USART. I was interested to connect this kit to simulink in external mode and do some experiments. Can anybody suggest workaround?
I am using a digital process to design MMWAVE and RF circuits. I need to design pads (for G S G probing). This is for over ten GHz. Any resources, papers or thesis on designing pads for these applications?
Dear colleagues, I want to build AVT-2779 kit to get a 12V x 20A switching power supply. Unfortunately the article it is in Polish and Google translator doesn't translate is too long!! My question is how do I set up components to adjust this psu to get 12V x 20A output. Link: If you know any
I am doing layout with TSMC 65nm process. Do I have to make my own pads ? It doesnt seem like this kit has any pads. I am doing both analog and RF layouts. Can anyone direct me to papers, tutorials or any resource to make pads in this process, unless they are in the PDK and I am missing it. Thanks.
Hi guys I understand there are designs intentionally bias the transistors in the sub-threshold region for higher gm/I. But what if unintentional? I have a common-drain connected nmos, whose source is connected to a resistor in my IC design. The nmos works in region 3 (in cadence, region 3 means sub-threshold). I think it is because the drain c