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I'm actually trying to measure inductance of planar coils by using an HP3577A / 35677A VNA, however, this material is quite old and i was wondering if it was able to do this....Yes you can.
The Network Analyzer shows a Bode Plot where the impedance spikes to a maximum before it decays. ................................................................................................................. What I want to know is, why would the impedance rise before it decaysIt seems to be self-resonance.
I need to use ARM Cortex M0 softcore processor along with my RTL in Kintex-7 fpga board. 1) I tried using DesignStart provided by arm but the embedded development kit - Keil ARM MDK does not support kintex-7 board. 2) Using ARM Cortex M0 softcore directly in vivado doesn't seem to me as easy as to use microblaze . Can anyone help me wit
dear all, am trying to design a pic based digital volt meter using pic16f887 herewith i had attached my adc circuit and adc reference circuit for your reference and also i had attached the data which i got fom transformer and adc input i want to calculate the ac voltage at the primary of transformer using the digital value from adc kindly
Hello folks, I have designed a customized PCB board based on the evaluation kit ZC7020 of Xilinx. And I am having issued to run the Flash with the preescaler x2 (maximum speed) in my customized board. The same flash chip and same configuration works perfect in the ZC7020. my customized board only achieves x8 o bigger preescaler configurations. I
Hi all, i am using vcu118 kit, i am trying to access QSPI flash present in it. i have QSPI controller using basic device driver i am trying to read and write the data in quad mode. In vcu118 kit we have Micron MT25Q flash memory, i can able to read and write in single extended mode. i have gone through the datasheet. it says by default
Hi Antonio, the basic idea is fine, but the devil is in the detail here. While working in EM support, I have seen many mistaked related to port placement, port ground reference, port calibration in simulation and reference planes in measurement. Your concerns are very valid. You should provide a bit more detail how you EM modelled the ports, and
@BigBoss That's what I thought first, then I looked back to my design in ADS, K >1 at all times. My S11 and S22 are quite fine at -15/-20 db levels. How can I be sure it oscillates? Is there a setup you use to be sure for it? Being of K>1 in ADS does not mean that the amplifier is unconditionally stable.Practical measu
HI I am looking to calibrate my LG 5020 oscilloscope. I am not able find the repair manual for this scope on the internet. Any help is appreciated .Thank you
but there is a little is not problem. Simply you have no experience of actual measurement. Can you understand followings ? - Calibartion - Reference Plane - Port Extension - Stimulus Power S11 and S22 of the circuit is nowhere near the simulation Freque
Hello guys! I want to make an FPGA kit which has cyclone V CEFA9F27I7N chip and a desktop Ram socket. I didn't design any FPGA board before but i have experience in pcb designing. So if any one guide me what circuits should i need to make these both main components works. thanks
I wanted to reply to this thread but it is closed, so I can't. I don't really see the point in closing threads, since if someone can add something useful, even years later, why not let it be added? Speaking of short/open/load/thru (SOLT) calibration,
This hex i will give my client and I want after 6 month this hex will not workIn a simple system it would be necessary to implement a local RTC, with battery removal check - once this would reverse the date. On a more robust system, you would need to have access to the world time server. By the way, I've done in the past a system tha
What's against using real capacitors? Foil and film capacitors can have good long term stability and low temperature coefficient, you probably need calibration to get rid of the initial tolerance.
I have temperature reading system having PT1000 sensors. I need to measure temperature between -20 C and -200 C which these sensors. My question is how much they are linear at -200 C ? If I use two points 0 C and 100 C for calibration purpose and compare the reading with reference calibrated system and use first order statistics to calibrate PT1000
I have a question regarding how to EM simulate mim caps. I want to see the effect of the bottom plate capacitance to ground in the path underneath my component. It is a mm-wave amplifier design but in general I can use it for analog design as well. I want to check the model components from the kit. How would I go about this ? I am
I have a client that wants a simple image (like a logo) made of lights on/in a piece of fabric. Basically, a flag with a symbol on it. They said they don't want it to look "clunky", like a bunch of LEDs in a row. I did some research and found fiber optic fabrics, but it is not really conducive to making anything more than very broad patterns, or en
Hello I am passionate about electronics and for a hobby project I would like to design (and then realize) an IC. I have no background in the implementation of IC and VLSI design, just some knowledge, but no real project. So excuse me if I write some nonsense. If I understood correctly, I could make my IC with a technology called C5 provid
Hi I am totally new to ARM. I want to know which is best toolkit or development board for ARM Cortex-M3 devices. Which should be of low-cost with powerful IDE.
Hi all, I'm trying to program my ZCU104 evaluation kit using a SmartLynq programmer. I'm wondering to know if there is a way to change the default port (i.e. 3121) from Vivado 2018.1 Suite or somewhere else? Is it possible to do so for the onboard JTAG programmer? Thanks a lot. Mohammad