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looking for the assembly/calibration manual for the NRI 2500 oscilloscope..also the schematic that came with the assembly/calibration manual if anyone has these, could you post them up. thanks in advance
Dear all, I want to analysis and design LNA(2.4GHz) type(CS) inductor-source - degenerated, I need the equations for the design like: W1, Id1,LS1, Ld1, Lg1, gain, NF,S11,S22,S21,Pd......etc. Also, I need Technology parameter for 0.35um CMOS, especially, un, Cox, Tox, ....etc. I don't want design using ADS, I want to design first with hand c
Hello ! I'm a college student in biomedical engineering, and I'm working on a bachelor's thesis that summarizes the use of FPGA Altera in medicine. In one part of this thesis I need to revive LCD and show somethink on it. I found any examples on your webpage and I'm trying to run example "picture_viewer", which is described in "Nios II system a
Can anyone suggest what would be some better ways(purchased with minimal work if possible) to generate square waves at 3 tunable voltage levels toggling arbitrarily from one voltage to the other at high speed from 500 MHz to 1 GHz? (ex: 0.1V, 1.5V, 1.5V, 0.1V, 0.35V, 0.1V 1.5V, 0.35V) I have a Xilinx Kintex 7 KC705 eval kit and can purchase a
hello, I want to take the data from the FPGA Spartan 3E board to PC. I take code from . They give code to transmit the data from PC to FPGA. and redy to use ISE file for Spartnan 3E. I have spartan 3E board, regarding UCF file I have a question. #FTDI 245 BM control pins NET "RDUSB_B"
Hello, I am planning to buy new programmer of the Microchip for my study purpose. I have already designed a board for PIC16F877A in particular. if i buy PIC kit 2 or PIC kit 3, then what are list of controllers that it will support with the provided I am using the same PCB that of PIC16F877A? Thanks in Advance.
Hello. Is it possible to find a xilinx FPGA model kit in order to make a simulation and an analysis with the ADS software? knowing that only the Altera FPGA is available. :sad: Best regards
This is a difficult one, because the "true" effect of the DUT is rather small compared to possible artefacts from port calibration. The difficulty is that coupling between different port groups is not removed. You should contact Sonnet support to discuss the best strategy, they will explain in detail what is removed (and what is not).
i am using lm3914 to make a battery level indicator , as the given in datasheet that we should not use current more that 1 amp. but i need to make a battery level indicator for 12v, 7.3 A battery any solutions to reduce current to 1 amp or any other solutions Please reply to me as soon as possible.
Hi. I am using this code below to use in my PIC trainer kit where PIC16F877A is used but output buzzer always turns on even if I dont give a signal or even connect the PIR sensor to that port. Can someone tell me what's wrong with this code? sbit pir_in at RB7_bit; //PIR module's output pin sbit led_ind at RD0_bit; //An LED used as
The variation of values between components of a given manufacturing lot is expected within a tolerance range. The calibration process at the firmware side, or addition of extra resistors in series are possible solutions to minimize the effect of this variation from part to part.
Hello there, Can you guys help me with the Rx/Tx engine VHDL Code template. I am using lattice Diamond (ECP5) dev kit. I have looked all over the place and could not find one. Just a VHDL Code without Wishbone hopefully I will be able to modify it to fit into my Project. Many thanks
"Why?" I expect goes to three things - Danger and responsibility - lethal voltages and lawyers - Acceptance - probably this is an instrument used for gaining lab cert or type acceptance, so calibration will be tight, stable, and more expensive - Small market - no mass market amortization of development costs, no driving-down of material and
Yep. but the details are important. Sometimes the antenna is calibrated every GHz with a point on a data sheet. Sometimes you get a "generic" calibration of all antennas manufactured of the same model number, sometimes the manufacturer actually measured each individual antenna made, and shipped a serialized data sheet graph with the antenna. O
Is there any way to program/upgrade Microsemi Smartfusion2 through UART using mini USB port using some GUI? I need a way to program, or at least for once update, the SM2 without using Flashpro for simplicity but I am finding no way to do that. I am developing using a starter kit including M2S-FG484 SOM (M2S010-FG484 FPGA)
In a past project I used high quality dynamic microphones and switched gain amplifiers (INA102) followed by RMS to DC converters to take accurate SPL measurements. A processor sent signals back to the INA102 to auto-range the gain. The resulting voltage could then be mathemetically converted to a dB range and a constant according to the selected
Hi, I have a large test chip that will not run due to the errorOnMissingMaster. We had a new kit installed and went from TM4_M3 vias to M4_M3. we replaced all the areas that were found. I ran everything below and there are no problems, it has to be on the top level. We tried showing only Markers in the layout and explain markers, but noth
Hi, A resistor mismatch causes a common mode suppression error. The best solution is to buy an difference amplifier with built in trimmed resistors. The next best solution is to buy two trimmed 1:10 resistor pairs in one case. The next best solution is to buy single resistors with high accuracy. I don't think that manual calibration using a pot is
The problem of absolute power measurement is that it requires calibration. Photo diodes have a relative low sensitivity variation and high linearity, it might work for a 10 mW laser without grey filters and achieve some 10 % power accuracy without calibration. Phototransistors are almost useless as power sensors due to 1. large sensitivity
When using the ADS component tuning feature you can tune values of components but usually the values you arrive to are not available and you need to go manually and tune them to standard values. Genesys has a feature where you can select the tuning values to be a percentage, a step size or standard values including the precision %. Is there a way t

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