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I can comment on the RS VNA noise figure measurement. We acquired one of the latest ZVA models and an additional power meter head beside it, since it is required for the NF measurement on the VNA (source power calibration). The NF measurement procedure is kind of complicated, time consuming and requires lots of connector mating!!! We wish we (...)
To determine an unknown ENR with a not well known receiver/power meter/spectrum analyzer is difficult. The best way is to use another noise source with a known ENR, and compare the indicated power. In microwave radiometers, a calibration noise source is used which inject a known noise (...)
I think 1mv pulse is too small that is flood by noise. perhaps a new calibration way need be study. Otherwise a active attenuation is necessary.
The reason can be: - noise measurement setup or measuring equip. problem, or - Your 14 dB ENR source is not precise enough. Do you correct your results with the calibration of the noise source ? - Probably better is to use an about 5 dB ENR noise source for measuring low (...)
Most probably linear interpolation is enough. But you may try second order too. You can see that the calibration data and decide how "smooth" it is.