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Hi All, While executing calibre top_cell m_rtcm run. Getting below error. Kindly assist me in resolving this ***************************************** ZOR ICC ENV *********************************************** * Starting Script : zor_runCal * User : mrksingh * Time : Fri May 13 20:23:21 2016 * Main Env
Dear All i have design a transconductance amplifier. done with layout of it.. cleared drc and LVS and PEX. in PEX i m getting some warning. i m not able to understand those warning but because of these warning i m able to generate config view. i m attaching the error file
I'm a fresh man in analog IC design. when I run lvs in calibre, it says calibre lvs rule file compiling error: undefined layer name parameter -- metal 5, I don't know why. Besides, I have no runset files in this process. My drc rule file runs well.
That's not an error, that's a design rule check. If the check catches anything, the report will show the text after the @. (The syntax is documented in the calibre Verification User's Manual, part of the calibre documentation.) Based on the text the rule check is that the OD or DOD layer has a density across the full chip of at least (...)
Hi everyone, I am using IBM 130nm cmrf8sf PDK. I made a simple inverter and performed drc, LVS, PEX with calibre. The drc and LVS work well, but there is a PEX error shown as follows: "error: Could not find pin mapping for terminal sub of cell (cmrf8sf devicepad symbol). It will remain unconnected." I (...)
I am installing IBM cmrf7sf6AM on my computer. calibre drc, LVS are ok. But I check the calibre PEX, there are an error: Compilation error: 113656 This is the code which makes error (line 90 is in red): PEX MAP ndiff nsd psd nstap nwtap pwtap PEX MAP ndiff nsd psd PEX MAP PC pc_par pc_
Hi When I am running drc with Hierarchical input option i have a problem when highlighting the drc errors. error is it is not point the correct location of that errors.That means there is no metal or any layer is present in highlighting area.
Hello all, I have a strange problem running drc check using calibre. When I start Virtuoso, license "111" is succesfully checked out and everything works fine (Schematic, Layout, MMSIM). I implemented the calibre skill interface in the .cdsinit and the drop down menu in layout editor appears. When I start calibre from (...)
Hello there, I have drc error which says nwell is hot,though the nwell is connected to vdd!. I am not able to understand why I am getting this error. Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated. I have attached the layout screen shot for your reference. Thanks in advance, 110026
I am new to MG calibre tool. I was trying to do a drc for simple NAND standard cell. In calibre RVE it throws error check GC.C.1 GC.C.1: GC Coverage less than 0.14 ( GC.C.1 ). I was hoping that i should get a clean run for std cell in a library. what is this GC coverage error? thanks
There is an error in calibre drc It says that I should not have any device in the corner of area... Then I think I should use a layer to define the area of layout. But I don't know which layer I can/should use? Thank you
Hi everyone, I can pass the drc and LVS. But when I run PEX, an error occurs: error MAC3 on line 2498 of $TECHDIR/LVS/Include/ - duplicate DMACRO definition name: SUBC_PROPERTIES. Can anyone tell me what I should do? Thank in advanced
Hi! I have a problem with calibre Interactive. When I try to run drc for my layout verification ,it gives the error ' The following products could not be licensed sufficiently". Hope somebody can help me please..
I am trying to load drc error report generated by a svrf script in encounter. But when I try to load that in Encounter i get the following error. loadViolationReport -type calibre -filename Parsing the calibre violation report... **error: (ENCVB-11): Invalid scale value. (...)
I am having the same problem. Someone please guide us. I'm using calibre 2011 with cadence IC6.1.5 (Centos 6.3 OS) when I start calibre drc, I get the following error RVE server socket has not been initialized the license server starts normally without errors plz, help me
any one face new type of drc error and rules in 45nm technology... help me ....
I have installed cadence IC6.1.5 and calibre 2011 (centos 6.3 OS) when I run calibre drc, I get the following error error: Invalid calibre software tree: /Tools/mentor/calibre_11/x86_cal_2011.2_34.26 and calibre doesn't start plz, help me
Hi all, I am a fairly new user using calibre tool for drc error check. I have not finalized my design and want to perform drc check on the blocks. Suppose an inverter.. I saw from earlier threads that there is a way to avoid chip edge related error by choosing the cell switch on. Can someone please (...)
When I start drc I get an error that reads: couldn't read file "tabnotebook.tcl": no such file or directory I was running calibre yesterday and today it doesn't work anyone have this error?
Hi all, I am new to calibre interactive nmdrc 2010.2_25.18 tool. When I am loading rule file in drc form then tool shows below error. error while compiling rules file ./ts18pm/calibre/t.00_00_01_scr/drc_TS18SLPM_calibre: error (...)

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