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Some more ideas: 1. Forgotten contacts between diodes and the ME1 to VDD/gnd connection (or vias instead of contacts). Very unlikely - and I'd suspect that Assura would have recognized it, too. 2. Try and check your calibre ERC rules' file for this very error. Perhaps you can find more info about its layer-dependent formation hi
I was error "missing port VDD,gnd,IN,OUT" in process layout lvs calibre cadence I need help Thank all 134050134051
Hi all. I am trying to do LVS using std. cells from foundry. I am using Cadence tools with calibre LVS. I am currently using an inverter (with input and output pins) as a test case. 1. Anyone know how to handle inherited gnd/vdd in layout? I see them in the schematic netlist, but I dont know how to include them in the layout. Are there any s
I have a lot more experence with calibre and not so much with Assura. I have a large analog block with a net that will be connected at a higher level. so lets call this net gnd. in my block i have 3 lower lever blocks that have gnd inside them, they are not connected at this level. but, i want LVS to vertually connect them at this level. (...)
Hi , I ran calibre lvs .I saw some ports/nets mismatched. After Transformation: ports ----layout source Net gnd gnd 13 ------- cells :AND1D AND1D in1:a in1:a in2:b in2:b in3:1 in3:gnd[/C
I recommend to run gnd line in distance of 1-2um left/right from your CLK line This will shiled nicely the signals parallel with CLK and also minimizes the capacitive load oon CLK line. THEN run PEX with calibre and run simulation. You should see very well how the shielding works. I do not like to put metal above/bellow CLK line due to added capac
good that u got it solved by urself, but ths isnt the proper way, insted you have to mention name of your vdd and grnd (e.g. VDD & gnd) in 'setup LVS'. AND you might have to "make port" to declare the gnd and Vdd as ports. whreas XDB database prob: its comon when the top cell name is changed and not properly mentiond in calibre LVS. (...)
Once you have flatten any PCELL or things like that in XL, the connectivity information becomes weird in XL. That might led to layout mistakes later on. You can try short isolation in calibre
Hi, When calibre does the LVS, it needs to know where the VDD/gnd nets are. I don't understand the reason why? Intuitively, power nets are not different from any other nets when it comes to LVS, or aren't they? I think calibre only creats warning if there is no power/ground net. LVS can pass the comparison.
See attachment ( snapshot from calibre Interactive Users Manual).
Foundry will not run LVS - you would have to provide your design database... For the calibre question above - you can pretty much delete those. Unless you will run PEX where you need to identify the gnd potential
u can read the calibre rule. Find out the layer which is used to label the pin.
Which verification tool did you use? If you used calibre, it can reduce the short devices such as dummy devices, which is must be connected to vdd or gnd. If you use Assura, it will leave the dummy devices, even if they are all short together. FYI.
I run calibre LVS with these errors how can l slove it??? ERROR: Corresponding cells could not be identified. ERROR: Nothing in layout. *** calibre finished with Exit Code: 4 *** ############################################################# ## ## ##
Hi, all, I am currently doing LVS check on my design. I used digital library that foundary provided. Since , for example inverters, they are pre-defined VDD! gnd! already, if I mixed with my own "VDDA" and "VSSA", calibre gives my an error. Since I have not included VDD! and gnd! in my schematic. (I can see the ports of VDD! and (...)
I don't have too much experience on calibre LVS but see if this can help: run a separated LVS on the cells that have errors see what the errors are.
Hi, I have some LVS discrepancies. For example, one error shows this: X3/X12 (123.00 456.00) LD1Q name_reg_138_ LD1Q D:1875 D: name_138_ gnd:2 inh_gnd: gnd! vdd:1 inh_vdd: vdd! G: 475 ** (...)
When extracting parasitical RC to postsim by mentor calibre, Why I get a lot of parasitical resistors between the Gate of MOSFET and gnd. The very small resistance results in the wrong DC OP of circuit. Why that? pls.