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Hi everyone i'm working on Centos 5 on VM i need to install Mentor calibre 2004 Can any one help me with the steps ? Please .
Hi all: I plan to buy a new laptop to install a Linux OS and EDA tools (IC5141, laker and calibre ...) But I am not familiar with these, so Could you give me some information that you have install them in your laptop: 1. which laptop (ex: acer Aspier S7-391-53334G12aws07) 2. which linux os (ex: centos 6.0 64-bit) 3. EDA tools (...)
Do you know exactly where can i do it in the layout? No, sorry; no access to C@dence/Mentor tools any more. Try the options/extra. Or in the control options of calibre.
My OS is CentOS 4.8 here is what I get after running calibre 2011: WARNING: calibre software tree not set, using software version at: /opt/mentor/cal_2011.2_34.26/ixl_cal_2011.2_34.26 /opt/mentor/cal_2011.2_34.26/ixl_cal_2011.2_34.26/bin/calibre: line 912: /opt/mentor/cal_2011.2_34.26/ixl_cal_2011.2_34.26/pkgs/icv/pvt/cgi_app: cannot (...)
Hi I have a problem with my calibre Interactive when I try to run DRC for my layout verification using Virtuoso 6.1.3. It's show the error ' The following products could not be licensed sufficiently". Is it related to the calibre license because the technician who install my calibre said the license is find. Hope somebody (...)
hi everybody i'm a new user, studing about calibre for linux can u help me to install calibre v2006 detailed installation,please thanks
If you want to install calibre on FreeBSD, visit here: Thanks!
Dear All: would you can share your experience of calibre setup and used, I want find good way for install calibre in Linux. thanks so much for you spend time to read and share.
I do use the calibre for the layout verification. But it becomes difficult to rectify the DRC errors looking at the DRC.db (error database having x-y co-ordintes). Does anyone have any sort of interactive (GUI) for DRC debugging for the calibre in Skill/perl? Thanks in advance Sooraj S Ram Added after 50 minutes:[/
I think Vmware is your best choice, I have installed RHEL as4,calibre,Hspice,IC5141,Soc42 in, all of the software work very well, and what's more I relly like it is that if you upgrade your hardware, you don't have to change anything. As my test, the performance of software running in Vmware is about 80% of running in real system.
You should add calibre menu to virtuoso layout window and invoke calibre from this menu. calibre has included skill script to load this menu.
I think in the new version of calibre you can integrate any other vendor data base even Magma also.
I have installed the Mentor IC flow 2006 under /opt/mgc_tree/2006.1_rhelx86linux/icflow_home, & later try to install calibre 2005 under the same directory. But my source program is a self-extraction one that it will automatically creat a ixl_ca_2005.4 directory under the previous mentor directory. So the two softwares are not integrated at (...)
The Post layout extraction flow is aimed to provide spice transistor flat netlist back annotated with parasitic C?s and R?s extracted on interconnections. This flow is based on calibre-StarRCXT tools (try to use it !) RCmodels represent the analytical models used on the fly by starRCXT to compute the parasitic resistances and capacitances. R
I install calibre on linux redhat 8. There is no problem when I install it.But i run it with gui,it indictate that: "Segmentation fault (core dumped)",and generate a core file in this directory. there problem is also appear on Enterprise Linux AS 4. But my fiend can run it in redhat 8 and fedora core 2.
hi friends if any one knows how to install calibre im having only one *.exe file with size of 129mb if i click it i cant find any installation widow if start with DOS and stops if any knows how to install it . pls help me calibre have no version for Windows. it's is for Sun Solaris ! What's is the full
Firstly, your license is not correct. Secondly, calibre does not "surpport" Suse, but it can run on Suse well.