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Hello, I am making a automatic material testing device with camera & pic. I am using a B&W camera for capture a image. How can take a photo with camera & my pic controller?
Hello experts, I am trying to make a line tracking robot by pic18 series controller and camera module. I have think to control the robot by 2 or 3 will work fine but when robort will reach at 90 degree turn. It will misbehave or bowl because it had high speed. Actually i want to know turn distance by camera. When camera (...)
Can i do CCTV camera with pic 18F452 microcontroller?:roll:
Hi, I'm doing a line following mobile car (also differentiating the colors) using vision system. I plan to use a CMOS sensor type camera to interface with pic. Is it possible a USB webcam can communicate with pic? I have pic18F452 and compiler is MiKroC. Does MikroC provides any functionality for camera (...)
i did not get the question correctly, as far as i understood, this is the answer: 16f877a is a 8-bit pic microcontroller designed for control application, so u can easily control the on-off or state control of the camera using normal port switching, also u can program when to do it. But the controller is not capable for image processing or capture,
use a camera and run image processing on the image for movement.
hi , I need some information to program and codings of Linksprite JPEG camera ttl with pic 18f1320 so that the pictures can be sent to laptop via MM232R USB UART serial Module. . Commands from the laptop/PC are to be transferred over the USB link to the camera to select resolution, exposure and so on. These are the (...)
I am using pic 18F67J60 having Built in Ethernet Controller wit 10mbps speed. A camera having serial interface is connected to the microcontroller. The images with size more than 50kb are able to load with the adjustable chunk (Packet) size from camera to microcontroller. I want to transfer these images over LAN through ethernet using HTML (...)
Hi all, I am looking for some help to develop a face detection and recognition program on pic32. I tried using the OV9650 camera but it did not work so now I am using the ?CAM-TTL from 4D systems. The problem is, the pic has very limited RAM and using RAW images seems very difficult as t
Hi all, I am facing a problem while trying to interface the OV9650 camera module with pic32. The PCLK pin of the camera module is giving out unexpected output. The difference between the high level and low level of the PCLK clock is so low that the microcontroller cannot distinguish between. 86226 Please check the attached wa
Please let me know that how to interface camera with microcontroller. Can anyone interested to tell me?
i want to design simple cctv camera recording in memory card via pic mcu . any body give idea .
As you can tell from the datasheet, it uses RS232 protocol. So, you should use the UART module of the pic18F4550. Pretty much everything's given in the datasheet. You should first learn how to use UART module of the pic before trying to code for this. If you can get UART to work successfully as how you want it, then coding for the camera (...)
Hallo to everybody. I am working on my master project, and it is about constructing an autonomous wall following and obstacle avoiding robot. To make things little interesting I want to add some sort of camera on the top of the robot-vehicle so that robot can follow certain signs (take a LEFT turn, or take a RIGHT turn or STOP). The sign for lef
I am surprise that you are only 1st year engineering student, from the question that you have posted. You seems to have quite some experience in engineering. I am confident that you are on the right path. Hey guys, Thanks for answers! The resolution will probably be no bigger than 640x480. I have very little experi
Hi everybody i want to interface pic with digital camera that capture the image and send it to the pic , I want to inquire about which programming language that i can use and what is the code , and i hop if you can help me to explain the connection of the circuit by picture i will be Grateful for your :-D
i want to send the video stream of a camera through microcontroller to a server pc. i am using a pic microcontroller and a simple webcam. i want to create a code for this purpose in c. please help thanks in advance
Hi everyone, I need to send a command from my pic 16f877a to the PC Attached via UART(RS232). PC then, should decode the command sent and then accordingly switch ON the Web camera Attached to its USB Port, Take a picture and Save it in PC's Memory. Programming must be done in C Platform only. Pls Help
hi everybody....i am doing my final year project on robotics which can be used in military applicatioins for bomb detection ans disposal,,,,for demo purpose i choose metal detecting sensor....i face so many robo vehicle(consists of two dc motors) must move according to the keyboard up,down,left,right keys with serial communication
First, you need a powerful microcontroller with at least 256KB of RAM to handle such images. Second, you need to figure out how you are going to interface your camera to the controller (USB, Serial, SPI... etc.) Third, if you are talking about this TED Blog | An interview with Pranav Mistry,