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I used the following C codes to benchmark a non-floating point based 32bit processor (x86 type instruction set). See if the codes in the above link can help you.
Hi, I just started working on a project where I want to see humidity and temperature sensor reading from remote location(web), I also want to turn on/off LEDs. This project is for learning purpose so I can do any additional things to better understand. While initial searching and readings about IoT projects I understand we need to register a
Hi Im searching for job in malaysia for analog circuit design which covers mipi and pcie based projects. can anyone provide me the list of companies doing those in malaysia or singapore location. Or anyone working in those companies has vacancies for 5yrs experienced candiate. Thanks
The behavioural models need not be register based. You can define cells as registers in verilog and then assign them in always blocks without using clock. Furthermore, I hope you want to build this system only for simulation. You cannot do a synthesis/P&R operation as you will need the exact memory models from the memory vendor.
Hi, Opencores has project for PCIe like: but these projects are based on linux. How can I use the projects on windows? can I use presented codes on windows? I want to know Is there any windows driver or codes for this projects? thanks for replies
I want to do image processing based projects, but i don't know where from i have to start. can anyone suggest good tutorials or books that gives some practical knowledge about image or signal processing. I also heard about that the matlab software is too slow , Is there is any better alternative for matlab?
Very nice. PIC16F877A and any other are widely using these days. You can easily find for your project. You can try digital door lock with password, techometer, robotic hand, dotmatrix led scrolling display, anemometer reading, voice recognition, etc..
Dear All! I am going control home appliances by android mobile and xbee-s6b module(Through wi-Fi protocol).. I am newbie for android based projects.. How can i pair my android mobile and xbee wifi module to send and receive datas. Thanks in advance...
can any one suggest some projects based on microwave or radio frequency?
Zigbee and Bluetooth will be costly. You can use nRF24L01.
Hi there, In practical approach this is very difficult to learn technical languages by reading books and sheets, So I suggest you to go with practical things and learn with examples and task. You can get the basic idea about task and projects from the below link. VHDL & FPGA based projects. [URL="htt
this my 1st time in posting threads here..thank i have a lot of things learn from this forum, my first project in computer application was this POV led display perhaps using 8 or 16 leds, using pic16f877a and mikro c... can anyone give me some good idea of my project.. any suggesting will be a big help..thanks guys..
Hi, I had used RS components to source modular terminal barrier strips for use in my power supplies for various projects, but they can no longer supply the modular type I like to use. I did some investigating and found the supplier who RS get these from, thermodata components based in the uk - they have a website , they
I want to know how do I use an Embeded systems to create new projects. Please suggest me ideas to make a project on Embeded system which are not usual ideas like fire-safety and all. I want latest ideas to create some new things.:wink:
Hey entirely-new-to-the-field ! welcome to board bro well first of all it all depends on you which field you would like to take to start a porject. like e.g. some processor (etc.) design, or signal processing desgin, or some robotics related thing etc. just for an example, you can visit the following page, if you search you will find loads of i
I want to do can related projects. Pls Suggest me some projects related to can.
The SIM300 is no longer manufactured by SIMCOM, but instead the upgrade is now the SIM900. The AT commands remain the same, so these commands can stay the same Their is a paperback book on how to interface a Microchip PIC to the SIM300 written a couple of years ago. The book was called "Microcontroller based GSM/GPRS projects: Advanced (...)
I want to measure the RPM of a simple squirrel cage induction motor running at 1500 RPM max. is ATMEGA8 running at 8MHz can cope such a high speed pulses. my idea is one timer1 working as 16 bit counting the pulses. the other timer0 working as "time gate" to ovulate the captured pulses the. timer0 is working 10 ms, 100ms or 1 ses. period
to print the ascii characters on lcd display can i have this program????? thanqq
can somebody please suggest any projects that can be done over the period of one semester based on any one (or in combination) of the following courses: Microprocessors Control Systems Signals & Systems