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No BIOS,POST and MBR in embedded environment. Though you can understand the sequence , it is for a PC environment. Your Raspberry will have only a bootlaoader that may read from SD card . And SD cards have FAT32 systems (bootRecord,FAT, Filedirectory ..)
At the least, if you have the boot1 pin on your chip, since it can also function as an output, it is best to not tie it directly to GND and to use a resistor to avoid any possible damage regardless of PortB I/O configuration.. I generally boot mode pins to GND with resistors on any prototypes, at the very least. This way I have another (...)
Is it possible to estimate boot time of an embedded system in any form of mathematical equations.Consensus is always to measure boot time and optimize it.However,I am curious can we estimate boot time based on processor architecture,boot mode device,bootloader,processor (...)
You mention trying to operate several devices. It unclear which combination works or doesn't work. When I have a computer that does not start up, I try to track down the problem by removing all unneeded devices. Things that I can remove are the hard drive, ram, external devices. The aim is to discover which central parts of the computer still oper
no of cycles can be computed by using a simulator. it will show the cycles for the routine of interest.
It seems it is partitioned into several drives and you can only see one of them, probably the boot partition. If you are doing it in Windows, open the "Administration Tools/Computer Management", find the "Storage" section and it will show you the partitions on all your drives, including the USB one. It will probably say the largest part of the USB
Hello Guys, Im working with usb mass storage device boot loader. In which i can able to program my application using pendrive. The code for bootloader is available and working fine. In this case i have to past .hex file of my application to pendrive and rename it as image.hex, but any one can use my application hex file (...)
hi all can any one help me with the booting steps of micro controller including explanation of startup code and boot-loader
You can simple install that by the option having install inside the windows .
can you enter BIOS setup? Is HDD toast? I.e. N.G. (click of death?, bad servo) DOES F11 or F? bring advanced recovery mode? repair or reinstall Windows? Not likely a BIOS problem. Anything on display? Did it get wet.?
Are you trying to boot it via disc or boot from pendrive. Windows will fail to load if there any problems with installation files.
Hi Vidisha, can you please explain about what is the boot Loader and why you need it??
how can i upgrade the firmware on atmega using a pc ? what are my various options other than using an AVR boot loader device like i am using currently AVR-MKII in combination with atmel studio. I want to be able to just use the pc and some software to update the firmware.
Win8.1 and Win7 do not support installing older OS, due to the compromise in security with the boot loader in XP. You can make a Flash drive bootable OS with RUFUS (free) and read about what to do next with something like EASYBCD for creating a dualboot or using the Win8.1 startup menu to edit the (...)
The strange thing is that if I try to Hirens 15.1 bootable by pendriver can enter and run everything.
I feel this can be very useful if we can understand this bootloader code. I tried to see what bootloader code does so i can get more insight of the story. Well i cannot understand few things please translate this C code into simple english:grin::lol:. Thanks!!
it's a limited HOST USB OTG device, it can't do a lot of complicated stuff, but it can work with any USB keyboard (boot protocol or HID parse) according the definitions on your link, the AT90USB1287 is a dual role device. By the same pins, it can work as a DEVICE, or as a HOST, and it has the negotiation capabilities of a (...)
The question is too general to achieve a specific answer. Most processors used with bootloaders have insufficient RAM or can't execute code from RAM at all. In theses cases, a bootloader residing in flash is the only option to update the code. Presuming you are more interested in answers related to specific processors than in an academic (...)
We are having a trouble regarding the firebird V ATmega2560. When we try to connect the Firebird to the PC via USB but it does not detects the robot. I guess we have pressed the reset button and boot button in the wrong sequence and we might have accidently erased the boot loader software. can anybody suggest the method to connect the (...)
Any one can help me for boot-loaded hex file for P89V51RD2BN.

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