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I'm working on a matlab image processing program, the input will be a live video from a webcam and the output when sent to a PC it works well, but i need to send the output of this webcam to a controller ( what is the suitable controller can i use?). Thanks in advance
You can send the data from micro-controller to matlab using Serial Port. And then process that data accordingly.
MPPT is a frequent topic at this forum. You can look through several related threads, listed at the bottom of this column. Clicking one will lead you to others. Also try a search on 'MPPT matlab'.
I am learning motor control in matlab and simulink. I use dual loop to control motor in simulink. Inner loop is velocity loop along with PI controller, outer loop is position loop along with PI controller as well. But I wish the velocity curve of motor motion is trapezoid. It means I can set the velocity and acceleration (...)
let me explain you my app. perfectly.... Suppose i have an image of a rectangle having dim. 50m by 40m with reference pt (0,0) and i want that my robot should start from (0,0) and move along the direction provided in the rectangular map....and come back to (0,0)....can this be done in matlab if i give this image as an input to matlab (...)
For beginners, Arduino approach may be more suitable, although some Arduino Kits are based on some PIC platforms. So, this way, you can reach the 2 options in one solution. +++
Have you download or obtained a hard copy of the manual? The user manual for the Yokogawa UT32A is available online. Yokogawa UT32A User Manual I can assist you with using the serial port through the matlab
hello friends I like to study about voice processing and know how can we, for example, turn on an led or write sth on lcd by saying sth? I think one way is to compare the voice with some voices which have been recorded before,and if they were the same that word been writen on lcd, or the number of led which we said turns on. What is your idea?
HELLO, my project's name is "design and imagery sampling with Automatic Gain controller(AGC),using matlab." Who can help me,
Hello Everyone, I've a question that can I program ARM Cortex M4F processor based controller using matlab?? If YES then how? (why I want to program it with matlab is not important, I just want to know it because I am curious to know it whether it is possible or not?) I am using Stellaris Launchpad LM4F120 Series
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. I constructed an inverted pendulum for my final year project. Time is running out and I am struggling to get it properly balanced. The system consists of the following. I use an POT to measure the angle and an optical encoder to measure the cart position. After the PID controller output I send the out
Hi dear friends, I have a neural network simulink model (with extension mdl.) and I want to design a neural network predective controller (NNPC) for that. When I want to import the model in NNPC box in matlab, I see that I can just import mat files. Do you have any solution for this problem? How can I converting mdl. (...)
I m trying to make solar tracker using matlab programming. But don't know how is it possible. how can i install program in controller.
Hi everybody, i have a question in dsp where i newer in using it . how can i make a synchronization between an analogue signal entered to dsp kit via internal ADC of the dsp and an internal signal generated inside the dsp. where those two signal i make another operation on them. where i designed a PI controller with matlab simulink and (...)
I think you can simulate your Fuzzy rules (or rulebase) using matlab, once it is perform you have to write fuzzy controller using the language that you have used in your DSP application
Respected sir, i have ARM7 controller in which the temperature and humidity are coming to serial port as 35tem 5hum.......... i want to plot those using either matlab or by using visual studio 2008. As strings are involved(tem and hum) i tried to plot but getting errors. so please kindly help me... you can also mail any data to
matlab is good for converting and programming all kind of files that need to be translated to machine language so a controller can run. a dll file is a link file between windows programs and it does nothing , and has no info that will make the controller do something.
Hey has anyone here worked upon "Inverted pendulum control using pid controller" in matlab?? I need to ask how can we show the pendulum moving in matlab window?
Hello,,, I'm doing my Master thesis in studying the effect of EMI in can bus. i have the idea to use simulink in matlab to simulate a simple controller area network and see how messages can be transfer between a few nodes and see the effect of EMI. can any one help in this direction?
hi, this is meghana im doing a project on ga pid controller can someone help me regarding matlab code for gapid