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Presume you mean 13.56 MHz. Permitted power at 13.8 MHz would be very low. First you'll specify the intended operation. "Localization" sounds like a wider range. Most 13.56 MHz tags are designed for proximity range (usually below 10 cm), e.g. NFC and iso 14443/Mifare. iso 15693 vicinity tags can achieve a wider range, but only with rather (...)
Hello !!! i have download .iso file of Ubuntu 14.04 OS, and currently updated windows 8.1 by windows 10 (means i have currently windows 10 on my laptop)... i want to learn Ubuntu so i wanna install it on my laptop but don't want to uninstall my win10. anyone can suggest me any accurate tutorial for "install Ubuntu 14.04 as dual boot on win
I presume you have checked that the problem is caused by electrical noise (e.g. when switching power relays) rather than programming faults. If so, I2C and DAC board power supply wiring can be expected to be the critical point. An I2C isolator IC (e.g. offered by TI) together with separate power supply is surely cheaper than analog (...)
Hello Please anybody can tell me how to insulate a dry contact from my 5V circuit. Often in circuit optocoupler uses for this propose. But they required input voltage to drive photo sensor. But I have a dry contact and insulate it from my circuit. I d'not want to use relay for this.
Hello Guys: can anyone help me to solve this question: how to define a 3-port directional coupler's directivity (4th port iso is internally terminated). normally, directivity is defined in such a way: D=S31/S32 (Port 1: input, Port2: output, Port3: Coupling port), with iso port internally terminated. i have been puzzled by this (...)
Hello all, I hope somenone reads this and can help. I have digital photo printer, DNP RX-1. Printer uses thermal ribbons which are specifically tailored by number of prints. This number is stored in RFID chip in ribbon axle, and every time printer drops a print, counter in ribbon drops another value. Recently, I bought plenty of ribbons tha
HXP circuit is a experienced iso&UL licensed PCB factory. We can do rigid, flex, rigid-flex board boards. We can asl do some of special boards, like aluminium boards and CU substrate boards. We have rogers material in stock. Our website . Contact me via
HXP circuit, a chinese iso&UL licensed PCB manufacturer, can make rigid, flex, rigid-flex, metal boards(ALU and Cu substrate board) We also have rogers material, can do back drilling and gold finger. Prototype and mass production is ok. Our website is If any questions, please contact me at[
Hi Guys, Recently I was working with some agricultural project and I came to know that I have to implement iso 11783 for certification. If some one can guide me with difference between iso 11783 and iso 11898. Thanks
what is UDS? is it analyzer?? No, UDS means Unified Diagnostic Services and it's a protocol used in automotive to communicate with all ECU (nodes on car' network). Through its services you can examine if there are DTC (diagnostic trouble code) ON, which means errors, reset them and so on. But currently my mainly
I need UHF reader for reading a big number of tags simultaneously , can the AS3992 chip do this task ? What the maximum number of tags , that the AS3992 can read simultaneously Thanks
Hi I have a prototype hardware with intel CPU that only has serial console (no vga) I am looking for a Linux distribution that can boot from USB-stick (cd-rom iso image), and default uses serial console to communicate with the operator. This also has to support new chipsets, hard drives, large memory...
can u give a brief hints like iso numbers, or where to look at.. Thanks I would like to help you, but I can't. You are right, there is a huge list of iso directives, and it is continuously changing and growing. I really suggest to ask to a specialist, or to a specialised laboratory. Take into account that doing mistake
A ferrite circulator for this low frequency is large and expensive as the ferrite magnetization is low and requires a thick steel screen. If you wish, you can make an electronic isolator from a MMIC amplifier and attenuator. BY connecting three such devices in a ring you can make a circulator. It can work with up to +10 dBm, (...)
The low power technique you means is power-gating. It is the technique that you can turn off the power supply for specific region within IC. Here the "turn off" means no power supply instead of inactive state. For example, you would like to turn off the power supply of arithmetic during sleep mode. Therefore, the logic can be divided into 1. alway
Hi There are many micro controller which has an in-built can module present in it(example: dsPIC33F etc). But is it just enough to interface with the can bus in the automotive environment? Do we require a transceiver module in between to have better fault tolerant and to meet specification? Please help me to know whether a transceiver is necessa
Hi all, I want to develop circuits for producing waveforms described in iso 7637 testing standard. can anyone help me out? I am looking for circuits that produce these waveforms. Thanks in advance, Regards.
You can read Do you havea windows CD or iso image file?
Hi. iso-11898 specifies the data link layer (DLL) and physical signalling of the controller area network (can protocol) I want to discuss a little about advantages and disavantages between RS-485 and iso-11898 electrical standards, for a half-duplex communication bus. Both iso-11898 and RS-485 use differential (...)
I have windows 7 iso , and hirens boot 15.1 iso how can I make a bootable flash containing the both above ?