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Hey How fast can be SPI or I2C RAM for pic18f? I would like to read data in blocks, will 10us be enough for such read? Maybe 20us? Any ideas?
hello, you can start with a big PIC , to avoid later ,problem of lack of RAM or ROM space The advantage is to keep the same MCU along developpment because even the same 18F family, there are somme differencies between them, and causes lost of time to solve details or supposed bugs. I recently bought 18F87J50 clicker2 board wich has
I am reading the datasheet of a pic18f with a EUSART. It has an optional 9th bit that be used in receiver and transmitter. ASCII characters fit in 7 bits and a byte is 8 bits. Why then would someone want to transmit 9 bits? It this was 16 bits it would make sense but 9 bits makes no sense at all. The hardware does not have any ability to calc
I can't help with FRDM because I don't have a Compiler for that and I have not used that device. However I can help if you can use pic18f. From where can I buy FRDM k64f online. Shipping should be cheap or Free shipping. Also where can I get the free version of the compiler for it ? I (...)
Hi I try to make a little menu on my lcd screen to show some data and setting. I get the data from an another pic from SPI. This work well but when a try to add some data,or new line in my menu a get a stack overflow. If a check in the fonction tree in mikroc the max deep stack a have i 6 and pic18 have 31 deep stack. I link my code in this post
Hello every one I have a project with pic18f97J60 because of the ethernet communication capability in it, but I didn't found it in ISIS proteus and in microC for PIC also how can I add it to them, thank you.
For MikroC you can configure it my using the GUI interface : MikroC Project Settings. For MPLAB you can go to Window >> PIC Memory Views >> Configuration bits.... For CCS, you have the PicWizard...Anyway, in shorts, you have to spend some time to get introduced on the basics of the subject you are asking for
Dear All, can you suggest me the best "PIC Microcontroller Development Board / Trainner Board" for pic18f series. Thanks
Thank you sir for your opinion. can you suggest me filter and protection circuit which should be used in electronic circuits for the Industrial environment. Thats huge help. :)
PIC18 has a dedicated hardware stack which only holds return addresses pushed during call and rcall instructions or interrupts. Stackoverflow can happen by having too many nested function calls or various kinds of coding errors. You should be able to understand the cause by analyzing the compiler listing or tracing code execution in simulator.
The answer can be found in any PIC18xx datasheet and more detailed in the PIC18 family reference manual. The processor family has an instruction word width of 16 bit and respectively 16 bit ROM/flash width.
If you are utilizing either the Microchip XC8 or C18 compilers, both provide the XLCD library which supports either the 8-bit or 4-bit interface to HD44780 compatible LCDs. You can find the source code for the XLCD library in the: \sources or src\plib or pmc_common\XLCD Depending on the comp
Hello, I have designed a pcb with relay that triggered some device. I used dry contact relays. But relays are expensive and wanna use opto-mos relay. Is it convenient? Also how can I use it. I searched especially cpc1017n. But I havent found more details especially how to connect with microcontroller(pic18f series). can you give any (...)
I want receive and send the data when interrupt occurred. Im familiar with c18 syntax. when the interrupt occurred i receive the data successfully but i can't receive continuously. i also try the for and while statement in the Service Routine but those not work. I m also newer to Programming..Any one guide me
1 cycle =1000000 / in ?S FOSC can be internal (inside the PIC) or external , use of a Quartz or an external clock device generator. for Other pic18f you can active a PLL multiplicator => FOSC*4 => 1 cycle= 1000000/ FOSC ?S for executime time Code operation take mainly 1 cycle ( it's explain why we divide FOSC/4) but some
As nobody answered, MPLAB ceased development over a year ago at version 8.92. MPLABX is it's replacement and is still the current release of IDE. Unlike 8.92 which is for Windows only, MPLABX is cross platform. Within MPLABX you can install almost any compiler you want but the best ones for continued support from Microchip are the ones they prod
HI, Recently i started working on freertos on pic18f4520, I just downloaded the source files from website. So how to create semaphore and queues, how can we implement them on freertos, any reference docs Anyone help me out................ I am very thankful to you
HI, i want to make a PCB board which contains the things for different port like 7 segments ,led ,LCD etc i cant purchase the board because of some reason. but i want to make a board and add component as i get my saved pocket money with the passage of time, can you please provide me the PCB layout ?? its beginner level with PIC. usi
hello, you can buy pic18f with a bootloader allready included.. see MikroE example : 18F2550_startusb or others ..
Any solutions guys? I don't have the hardware, it is at customer end. I can't debug properly. Source code i have and i can send them to customer to test it. Newly created hex file is still not working. And old Hex file working perfectly. What it could be? can i see anything from .map or .lst file? or project settings save