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I want to use TV remote control as mouse for PC. The output of TV remote is infrared signals. These signals are received by IR receiver (suppose TSOP1736), also, I want to know what is the output of this receiver and how to convert it into message which a PC can understand. I am using 8051 microcontroller between PC and IR receiver.
i am using datamate 3000 for my project.. it is a small room air condition monitoring protocol.. i searched internet for some sample programming.. but can't get it. so if i get some sample programs similar to the air condition protocol or temperature monitoring protocols it will be very useful to develop my (...)
Hi there's some ready made programs to generate the discriptors to you. you can check the USB developers forum for these programs. also you can understand the discriptor you need to implement and implement it. the documentation for all discriptors could be found on finally you may use a USB (...)