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If you can connect to another phone directly, without going through the tower, then the whole economy will collapse! Such things cannot be allowed at all. It is sinful to think of such things. But the real truth is that the hardware is already there.
i have taken over a project on RF repeater for mobile communication, which shall be useful in ares with less network coverage. the chain is RF signal -> Duplexer -> SAW filter -> LNA -> PA I need RF IC's for all the above. can any one suggest which IC's shall suit the above approach?
if you know a little electronic, you can build timer with 555 easily. just search 555 timer
SPF5043 as LNA and pre-driver amplifiers... You can find a lot of SAW filters: Tai saw for example is greate. You will need duplexers obviously.. if it's analog how you produce LO for mixers? (you need them for down\up con
You can transmit analog A/V in 5.8GHz ISM band (5725MHz-5875MHz) following the ISM regulations.
What you are trying to do is a Passive repeater. Generally in WiFi passive repeaters are used Patch Antennas or Helical. Quad antennas (or loop antennas) are not the best option for high frequencies. They are fine for frequencies below 50MHz. Search the net and you can find a lot of ideas related to this topic:
As said, I2C is bidirectional. If the slaves don't utilize clock stretching (hold the clock line low to cause the master to wait), SCL can be unidirectional, but SDA never can. There are special I2C repeater devices prepared for optocoupler interface and complete I2C isolators like ADuM1250. If you operate the I2C interface in a (...)
Hi, From the market, you can purchase the ethernet extender by which you can extend the cable length without any degradation of signal. Circuits are available by google search but it is not possible to build one due to its complexity. But you can design one and check its functionality by simulation in EDA tools. Various semiconductor (...)
i have a problem of mobile signal/network...any way to overcome this problem...i have hear about signal repeater device..what is it..n how can i make it....pls help me
instead of using any external devices can i use internal peripherals? like i2c or usart
Hello i have a digital string that want to transfer in 4Km distance.i can't use wireless communication and should use wire to can i send data with 500Kbit/second and without any repeater?
Hi all, I am designing a Cellular amplifier/repeater. My architecture will be as : RF signal -> Duplexer -> SAW filter -> LNA -> PA (with gain control). This is simple approach. But there is something else. Architecture that involves modulator (and VCO) and a demodulator right in the middle of the RX path : RF signal -> Duplexer -> LN
is there a circuit i can add to the mt8870 to connect it to the microcontroller and what it do? i made a circuit as on mt8870 datasheet a on the dtmf input i connected it to a telephone and on the q1-q4 to leds but when i dial any number on the phone no led turns on !!! so what's the problem?
hey guys im a newbie to this thread i hope im in the right section and i have a probably newbie question welll i have one of those gopro hero cameras and i mount in a dirt modified. Bob Mcgannon Racing | Facebook well the problem is it gets covered in dirt
The 35 m specification can be considered too optimistic, considering non-ideal conditions. But 8 to 10 m is still a reasonable number and achieved by most home entertainement equipment.
I need to design and build several low-cost "Ethernet" signal boosters, but I am unsure how to proceed because my application seems (to me) to differ in some key ways compared to advice I've seen in books and the Internet so far. I am also personally not very experienced or so knowledgable at the moment about the design considerations for high spee
The communication range of RF depends on frequency, Tx power, Rx sensitivity, Transmission line loss, antenna gain/loss, and directional or antenna beam. So, first try to increase your antenna gain and make it directional on both Tx and Rx. If it is not enough range, you can make a repeater by using your exixting Rx and a pair of new 433Mhz to ex
what pins do i connect at the back of two gm340 motorola radios to make a repeater how do i tell one to be a receiver and the other to be a transmitter can i put the receiver radio on scan so as to repeat more than one freq at a time and can i still use one of these two radios as a normal base radio by connecting a mic (...)
I built my own IR repeated a number of years ago and found it in the bottom of my junk bin. It was based on the GP1U52X IR detector. See the attached schematic. can I replace the GP1U52X with the stereo Y splitter and the 2 detectors I have that came with my Comcast digital cable adapters?. What factors are involved in being able to run multiple pa
Hi Pavan, I guess you're talking about the transition delay improvement. I heard someone saying that we can calculate delay for particular net through some formula.