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I am new here and don't know where else I might find an answer to this question-or which forum here would be best. This is a serious and important question so I hope it is not inappropriate here. As some of you may know, tens units or specialized devices are used by some for sexual stimulation. Some users will stim for hours at a time over the c
Hello, i want to start a small forum for cancer patients, who would share there treatment details and alternative meds they are using, i think EDA board format is very good, is this kind of forum template available in opensource or is it custom built? Regards
HI, I am trying to determine the location of a tumor in a breast phantom using SAR option in CST. The phantom is a half sphere layer of Skin and a tumor sphere of muscle representing the tumor. When I run the program there is no issue until i reach the 90% mark in the post processing SAR simulation, from then on each 1 % takes about 4-5 hour
Hi, I'm in need of some help please regarding the DAS algorithm. I have designed and improved an antenna and I would like to apply it on a breast cancer phantom. I have read online that I need to use the DAS algorithm after calculating the return loss of each antenna, which I have done. So in other words I need help with the matlab code to impl
Hello, I have designed and improved some UWB antenna and I want to apply them, so the best thing I could think of is for breast cancer detection. I have also find some good papers in this area but I would like to ask for some help regrading the matlab code. I want to follow this paper but I want to use my own micro strip antennas instead of
It will be both educative and entertainment to design a transistor oscillator with a hand made low power transformer - the voltage can be high but the current can be low (must be very low) and you will not get a shock. Transformers (most of them) do not have cancer causing parts/ elements and they can be very small because they will not be handling
hello all sorry for bothering i have some question im doing a research on classification of brest cancer as malignant or benign using pattern recognition in neural network im so beginner at that field i tried to use gui neural network and i can only use the sample data set of brest cancer and i train the network and then what? idont know and i dont
Hi , This is aysha..Iam doing ME in applied Electonics.Iam new to the Matlab,so i want the adaptive thresholding coding for extracting cellular and extracellular components from an image of cancer cell.
ASIC: Application-specific integrated circuit. Rather than use a fully-functional computerized chip with a large command set which occupies a lot of memory, and which takes more cycles to do a task, it is sometimes more practical to manufacture a custom chip, with a limited command set, which is streamlined to do a few tasks, and is faster at doing
An expert system is a computer program which contains a database of information on a particular field of knowledge. (Medical, for instance.) It can be designed to interview a human user by presenting a branching tree of queries, in an effort to diagnose maladies, or decide whether there's an emergency, etc. How you respond to a question determine
Why is the need so urgent? Do you really believe you are going to get some code in the morning and detect tumors in the afternoon? I know people who have worked on breast cancer detection for years, so I find it a bit bizare of the urgency for your need. It's a topic people do Ph.Ds in - not something one does quickly. Dave
if u search Susan hagness new research in 2011 or 2012 u can find some new her research on breast cancer microwave imaging and the antenna too simple or can find this paper by her: Design of a Miniaturized Dual-Band Patch Antenna as an Array Element for Microwave Breast Imaging
Hello! 1)what will need to create voice control GPS, 2)Is there any voice control chip, 3)if i use Artificial neural network(ANN), how to train them, 4)which simulator for ANN will the best, i know MATLAB is widely used for ANN is there any other? What you intend to do is extremely complex, and your questions sound lik
You can choose the ECG or EEG signal analysis using Recurrence plots or even Brest cancer detection project..... Good Luck
Improve battery stamina. Used in pacemakers, etc. Miniaturize devices put under the skin or in tissue or organs. To detect, monitor, deliver medication, etc. Develop artificial eyes. Connect to optic nerve Develop a way to connect severed nerves and restore electrical transmission. To cure loss of feeling, hearing, muscle control, etc.
i need to emplement hingeboost to wisconsin breast cancer data can you help me for that any idia ??
Which frequency band are you interested in? Most of the studies were lead for mobile phones purposes and will be around 950 MHz up to 2.45 GHz. At the beginning of my career I designed antennas for a large mobile phone manufacturer and did SAR measurements, but I don't now if I can retrieve the interesting documents for your purpose. Here a few d
Sir, I require algorithm for svm.I am using lung cancer images .Please help me step wie algorithm to implement in matlab. radha
Hi guys besides the use of water as power source , you can expand the principle of breaking O-H bonds for other component , even expand it for C-H , C-O , and even C-C bonds . so you can use it to solve many problems such as healing cancer and many other things
Hi, I'm evaluating SEMCADX for purchase, and I'm a beginner at numerical modeling, so there are likely incorrect impressions lists. Maybe I can post some of my experiences and impressions here to find agreement or be set straight. I am an RF engineer, a fair bit of experience with antenna modeling, written some code to do it. My goals are to do bi