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Hi folks. Recently I bought OLIMEX pic18f4550 (link: ). I am trying to interface it with PICkit by microchip. When I am trying to setup my IPE tu=o just test blinking LED code under Tools I cannot find any option to select (Screenshot attached) 13652
@FvM: Hi Sir, yes I knew that but I mean I cannot find any relationship between output voltage and gas concentration ppm. How to convert from voltage to gas concentration?
having trouble finding "add an image" to post a schematic. Found the tutorial online on how to but cannot find add image on the site.
Question still too vague, there is not any problem reported so far. There are a lot of projects you can find on the Web covering this subject. anyway, you cannot display alphanumeric characters in 7-segment displays.
IV curves cannot be used because the hFE of any transistor part number and the base-emitter voltage are a range because some of the transistors are more sensitive and others are less sensitive. The curves on a datasheet and a simulation show only a "typical" device but the circuit you design must have enough negative feedback so that it works with
Hi all, i need to extract data from an old USB protection DONGLE based on ST72681 Fast Flash Controller. The problem is i cannot find any protuction tool . On st website no software tool for this controller is available . Moreover , when i try to connect the dongle to any PC , it is not recognised . I verified (...)
No, the motor part is on top. That is also why I'm reluctant to use any oil - won't have it in the food. I still cannot find any videos on youtube that cover the same type of failure. Those videos I heard the sound from, is more kind of "metal against metal" and not the high pitch "wobbling".
Please let me know that there is any diode who simulate in proteus. I made a circuit for testing diode but cannot work diode. Please see attachment.
the xmos micro uses qspi flash (Memory, Flash, QSPI, 8Mb (4k x 256), SOIC-8 IS25LQ080B-JNL) but i cannot able to find this number, is there any alternate for this.
I am using EAGLE 6.1.0. and I cannot find MSP430FE427 in it. I tried to search it but couldn't find any.Can anybody please help me with this??
Hi. On sunday 10 or saturday 9, may, 2015, saw on Vesti24 television, a report of a radio controlled 'robot' riding on top of a football. A real foot ball, the round one. Balancing on it and driving it to any direction... fast ! cannot find it (as a video) at Вести.Ru; but my russian is not very good to (...)
Hello all, I would like to research planar dipole antennas (microstrip fed) and cannot find any information on these on the internet with design equations. I am specifically looking to plot the radiation pattern in MATLAB. any guidance would be great. Thanks
i want to use GSM in proteus but cannot find it in its library. Please suggest how can I add GSM to proteus library or suggest any other alternative.
Did you place " Technology Definition Block" on your schematic ?? ADS cannot recognize and find the models that are associated to your tech.
Hi I design a QRP class-A transmitter and I need to know the allowable levels of harmonics that exist on UARU region 1. I cannot find any online document, can you please suggest me any?
Hi, I am using SOC encounter for APR for the 1st time. It seems a LEF file is required for Floorplanning, but I cannot find any LEF in the std cell library. So can you please give me any hint ?Is LEF mandatory ?
Hi All, I would like to read the speed of 8 fans. any partnumber of ICs that has I2C interface that can do the job? I have been searching for parts but cannot find it. Thanks, Regards, wat007
I want to use the hc-sr04 sensor with ATMEGA32 in proteus 7 but i cannot find the device. I cannot find a library that has the device. any help would be appreciated.
I would also like to read temp & press from BMP085. I cannot understand the datasheet(not so much into digital comms) and could not find suitable help on the web. I use 16f877 and Pic C language. As from this and related posts there are very few info shared and seems that non of these users are ever complete their projects. any help will be (...)
Hi I am using PIC18F452. I as compiler I am using "MikroC". 1) I cannot see the waveforms in this compiler (I mean I didnt find any such option to see the waveforms like that of timer and PWM module). Can you tell me some compiler or IDE that will do that. 2) I just tried to implement the following code on the board TRISD =