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GWDBSUCCESS i have posted an LTsice simulation of an offline flyback that uses your transformer. Just convert from.txt to .asc, then open in ltspice, then hit running man icon. Also posted is excel design doc. The datasheet you attached does not give the ferrite type so you cannot calcuate the core you will have to do thermal measurem
Input ports cannot be left unconnected according to the IEEE specification. All inputs must be driven. If you are not assigning any value to the inputs it will lead to error value propagation in the design.
It sounds as though you want the IC to test for no load and short circuit at startup. I suppose it can test for a short during the first cycle. But I think it cannot detect absence of load, until it performs a cycle or two and voltage soars high enough that it decides it has to shut down. Come to think of it, you want it to continue to detect th
Yes - you are right. An amplifier without feedback cannot be unstable (however, a high-gain opamp is in saturation due to offset voltages - another problem). But it is common practice to check if an amplifier will be stable - after feedback is applied. The most critical case is 100% feedback (closed-loop unity gain application). Therefore, the stab
Hello, I would highly appreciate your help regarding physical library link with the logical standard library. Although it seems fine for me, but maybe I am missing some concept. I am running through Synopsys Design Compiler flow. I downloaded the saed90nm educational library from Synopsys However I am facing problems while trying to cre
Dear rizoeda, This save preview images option will help us to show the our model image as a image when you open the old files. Try to open by saving the with enabling and without enabling the two files. When you try to open the one you enabled will show the preview of your model other one cannot show anything. (...)
However the signals of the UART which are of output type cannot be connected to any constant. Why can't you leave them o/p signals unconnected in the RTL during the module's inst in a top-level wrapper? VHDL: signal_name <= open; Verilog: .signal_name(); When implement the design and open it, the tool asks me to assign pi
You cannot do this polarization test if the antenna height of both dipoles is less than 2λ (1.6m in your case). For vertical polarization might be a challenge to reach this height in a normal chamber. At these frequencies is better to do the test in open air using wooden antenna supports. And if is nice weather you can have a beer also :-)
Hi BigAl.... While I do know exactly what you mean, no I do not know of a way of doing this, but my interest has been peaked and I'll see what I can find out - I think its a hard coded thing that makes it show the last filetype opened as I cannot find a registry setting for it.
Hi all, After Library installation in IC-Compiler. During check_library I Found this type of error. cannot open cell XYZ.FRAM for read (MW-004) I checked man pages and try to solve according that. But still I facing same kind of error (tool can't read FRAM views from reference library) I change permissions as well and ICC tool
Hello, I'm using the GNU ARM plugin for Eclipse with open OCD as a debugger. This is on Windows 10 x64. The problem I'm facing is the following error when trying to debug or run the sample program: Error in final launch sequence Failed to execute MI command: load C:\\Development\\stm32-test\\Debug\\stm32-test.elf Err
I got a new PC with Windows 10 .... everything is good with this Windows EXCEPT I cannot run Ansys HFSS 2014 (v. 15) which is the main software I use for my research ... I installed it but it always crashes once starting the software (HFSS) .... I cannot open any file ... I tried the new ANSYS EM Suite 16.1 (Ansys Electronics Desktop) (...)
Can anyone help me out on this problem?I cannot get any solution while simulation there are two warning - "Multiple closed boundaries detected.These boundaries are ignored by the farfield calculation.Please note that the farfield might be misleading." "The farfield monitor "farfield (f=1.25)" has zero area. To use the monitor, please enlarge its
As the error message tells you: the model files for models "P" & "N" cannot be found.
Hello everyone, I have encountered a funny error in Electronics Desktop (HFSS16). While the simulation works fine the first time, the second time I try to run it without deleting the results I get an "Error reading the vmesh Setup1". Moreover, when I try to plot the mesh or the the e/m fields, I get an error saying cannot open the /path to m
A question that I cannot answer: I have a PCB working on the microwave field; between upper and lower layer there are some vias that are used to continue the ground reference from bottom to upper layer. If the vias are open, the current ( that travels on the surface, due the skin effect ) passes through the hollow tube made by the metallization
I have a schematic which needs to be converted from Concept HDL to something usable, OrCAD perhaps. I found a old version (2004) of a program, E-Studio Pro but I cannot open any of HDL schematics. The error is: chdlread: Starting reading from Concept HDL Error: Caeviews exited with code 2 Please confirm that ConceptHDL software is install
114884-- I create the do-file in do wizard with auto-feature/ Then I select this do-file but it doesnt show near do-file label.Then I tried unsuccesfully to load do-file. And after launching the pectra in brings the error 52294: cannot open specified How to make correct settings. The other issue is that specttra also do not
is it possible to access the same serial com port simultaneously? i.e one in visual basic and the same (COM1) in proteus virtual terminal In general when one opens a COM port in VB etc it will lock so other programs cannot access it it may be able to open it as a shared file??? never tried it though?? oth
That circuit cannot work: the PNP transistor is reverse biased. You have to use a NPN transistor, instead (f.i. 2N1711). When the hall sensor is in the vicinity of a magnet, its output it will be tied to ground so the NON transistor will open and the relais will be released. During normal operation the transitor will be closed, then the relay energ