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Hi, Battery: 12V DC, 125Ah. It says 'deep discharge' on the sticker. DC to ~230V AC inverter: It says 1200W/2500W on the sticker. I assume 1200W is for 230V AC and 2500W for 120V AC. Can someone please tell me battery duration with the examples below of what can be powered at 230V AC and for how many hours when the battery is fully charged?
Hi, Please assist us in ramping a reference voltage down to zero volts, or back up to the reference voltage. This being done at random times, on demand. The ramp should be over some 200us. It should be linear, but its not too bad if its not that could even be say in 10 steps (up or down). The reference voltage could be any lev
Am trying to build a solid state, mcu controlled fan regulator, not by triac pwm but, the one which uses capacitors as step fan regulator which does not make hum, attaching circuit. as you can see, it is replication of mechanical regulator, however uses triacs to switch on off capacitors, so that, higher capacitance total means higher speed, lo
I have PIC18F45k40. I am trying to communicate with LOra module. Can someone suggest me simple example to send At command and get response for same. i have attached datasheet for reference.157464
The TEMAC IP isn't an Ethernet switch. An Ethernet switch isn't a topic that is widely discussed on the internet with videos and tutorials as you seem to desire. The companies that make switches keep information on their switch designs out of the public domain as they are most likely highly proprietary. Also many of the papers published have onl
hi, Is it possible to run a push-pull converter without any voltage feedback? With only current sense resistor at the primary side, can we get voltage regulation? Regards
hello, i turn around this probleme since any days did many tests without succes .. Impossible to get the ACK from slave device with A PIC16F1619 as Master I2C. I am using I2C remappable from MikroC This PIC uses PPS to map IN/OUT and fonctions I tested the I2C Bus with a SSD1306 LCD, a RTC DS3231 and an LCD+PCF8754 .. same problem On teh data s
I am using launchpad board "TMS320F28069M ". While loading the program to the TMS320F28069M microcontroller there is no issue, but while debugging the program, it shows rise in temperature. We checked for the temperature of the controller and it shows around 40 - 45 degree Celsius. The same phenomenon is observed in our self made circuit board(usi
hi all, im trying to replace this diode, but the marking is just mentioning as per attached image. could anyone please give me insight maybe based on previous experience what is the part number for this. really appreciate your help. First Line :2U Second Line : 55 thanks. Ram. 157419
Starting your own project is always difficult. There are many reasons why you may succeed with your project and Ukrainian software development team will help you with it. Hire them and you will get qualified and skillful developers.
Here's the Circuit, as shown in fig1, There's Supply from adapter(9.5V DC), there's also a supply from the battery(8.4V Max). Diodes used(D1,D2) are shottky diodes, with a typical drop of (0.3V-0.5V). The problem i was facing was even though battery voltage at given point of time is less than Adapter Voltage(ADPT), At TP3, I was still getting batte
I am new on PCB Design. I want to learn, as I have no idea about how should I do my own designs, I am copying some existing ones .. So, I choose a Simple One, a Frequency Generator Module (XR-2206): 157392 The PCB Layout at the Top looks like this: 157393 and at the botton looks like th
what do we mean when we say "current adds up in phase"? For a wire antenna, there's already a current arises from feed source and it causes antenna to radiate, then why we emphasize 'adds up in phase'. It sounds like we use a second source to increase the radiation. Doesn't it?
Hello. I am attempting to follow this circuit. I want to keep things small and cheap. How should I go about getting 5V DC for Vsupply and -1V DC (or less) for Vref? I was hoping to do this from a 9V DC source, but I am open to other ideas. I looked at voltage regulators but am not sure if I'd need a heat sink. If
How can I rewrite this code to use less RAM & ROM? ADC: 10bit. Speed: 1MSPS. Data input range: 0-5V. CPU: DSPIC30F2010; 16bit. This code is working fine. But consuming 25% of total ROM & 40% RAM. I need suggestion to rewrite this code so that I can save some RAM & ROM. I need at-least 20 samples to get the best result. Signal is both AC & D
So, I transform the coefficient in integer value of max 17 bit (1 bit for sign) Why not simply treat the signal as 18 bit signed? If your original ADC signal is 16 bit, you'll use 16 rather than 18 bit signed. Similarly, the coefficient resolution will be demanded by the filter transfer function accuracy, not the multiplier width. A
Can someone suggest a source or sources for Product Enclosures... Either plastic or metal... Prototype and production quantities of 50 to 100 or more Sizes include: small circuit Arduino board inside... medium like the size of a modem or router or cb radio Larger like maybe the size of a desk top HF transceiver
Thanks, it seems a little odd that in the datasheet "ABS MAX's" it says the SW pin should be no higher than "vin+0.3v".......whereas the vin pin can be up to why cant the SW pin be exposed to 100V too? (even if the vin is only actually 60v). I must admit it seems odd that the diode hasnt clamped the sw pin to vin, but as you say it cou
Hi all, Could you recommend some key/good papers about static CMOS comparators (not dynamic ones)? Thank you very much.
Hi All, I have been working in a company for 3 years an a half as an electronic design engineer. I have done schematics, layout, test prototypes...etc. When I started to work there was a good number of product range already developed, so what I have done mainly is adding features to existing products rather than design product from scratch. I a