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It is presumed that you have already made researches and realized that this work would involve basically a small capacitive sensor screen, a non-trivial program of pattern recognition in more than one layer, and a database management. Therefore, unless you want to develop something from scratch in some years of hard work, (...)
Float switch is industry standard solution e.g. for steam generators or engine oil pans, designed for > 100 °C. If the sensor must be very small, I would think about capacitive or conductive sensing.
Hi, I m looking for website that which sell piezoelectric sensor or capacitive sensor, to test a circuit a designed. In particular they should be used to monitor pressure. Anyone know any company or website to suggest. I already searched a little in internet but I didn't find any company which sell these kind of sensors. If (...)
VQFN 16 pin size max 3x3mm marking code 0065 function is capacitive Touch sensor IC Seeking manufacturer and datasheet.
Hello dear friends, I am using 5V 1A SMPS power supply for power atmel MCU. I made a capacitive touch sensor with MCU but when i power my board on SMPS it is not working regularly. but than i power it on my computer USB Cable. it is working great. Another interesting point is when i powered with SMPS board and then i touch ground or (...)
I'm struggling for the correct term of the square silver square with the yellow border. It would be awesome if you guys could help me out so I can order the component. 126318 I've found force sensitive resistors but these seem like a more complex version of what I have here. It responds to the slightest touch and t
Welcome to the forum! Swiping requires advanced 3D motion detection, and that's not easy to do. If you're thinking of a short range application then there are capacitive solutions like Microchips famous MGC3130 chip. On a longer range optical techniques are the best choice, including the Kinect from Microsoft for example.
Hi, if there is a fixed dielectric constant then iŽd use a capacitive sensor. a mechanical solution can be to push the paper between two ball bearings and measure the distance.. optical: light shine through it depends on some parameters wich solution to choose. Klaus
Hi guys, This might be a genuine question for discussion. I am working on a project which demanded use of Fingerprint sensor. Over the years fingerprint modules have evolved and now we use the new range of capacitive fingerprint sensors dominating optical sensors. we see those (...)
Hi, I would like to calculate capacitance of planar PCB capacitor (Please see attachment). Substrate is FR-4 and I would like to print no interdigital structure because I think that it will be easier to calculate with this simple structure. 105261 Which equation I can use? How I can calculate capacitance of interdigital
Could you clear more about your project. I think if you want to detect plastic you can use capacitive sensors but these sensors detect another things So it is very hard to use these sensors for detecting plastic between another materials if your mention is separating plastic thus you can use this sensor with (...)
I want to make capacitive type soil moisture sensor. Please guide me on the construction and working of a capacitance probe. Thank You
Hello,can some body let me know how I can proceed for implementing a moisture meter with capacitive sensor and PIC16F877A;I get one sensor (capacitive) but I do not know its properties;its is with a square wave oscillator made by 74HCT14 and one ceramic capacitance;With documentation I got (...)
A simple touch sensor you can make from the black foam used to protect semiconductor devices. Use two metal sheets to squeeze a piece of foam, finish with a rubber ring or a Scotch tape. See how the resistance varies with pressure. capacitive sensors require thin-film on plastic or glass foil, and an AC signal source .
Hello DIYers Does anyone need a capacitive switch for a project? Here is one I built, It can be configured on the fly to be a momentary/toggle switch with delay and autoreset. 84131 Here is the operation video: If you're interested, It's on sale through eb
You can use a touch sensor circuit, The circuit uses very low voltage which is safe for use in the bath room. The capacitive sensor use QT100 IC and works under various material. This means that it is possible to waterproof the touch sensor for bathroom use The sensor can be interface d
Hi, I am a newbie in PCB design and I am presently working on my first PCB design which is a capacitive sensor. I am drawing a 6 layered PCB and on the top layer I have all my components placed and routed completely. On the bottom routing layer, I need to make use of a net that I connected in the top (...)
The MOSFET for sure could be used to detect the water level. Here is one other solution - a simple capacitive sensor suitable for water level detection. It could be also used for proximity and touch detection. It uses 556 timer and is tested and works reliably well. Enjoy it.
Angle could be measured easily by using capacitive sensors on reasonable price. You can take some capacitive rotary slider and get directly the position.
I need to design a sine wave oscillator of around 1MHz which needs to have very low amplitude noise, since it is used to lift a signal off a capacitive sensor - the sensor AM modules the sine wave and is later demodulated. There seem to be a number of possible approaches for this circuit - perhaps Wein-bridge, phase shift (...)