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NIC shows 100KHz ESR: Best 0.023Ω @ -55C , which is a rise of 50% or so from -40C in slideshow for NSPE hybrid. Best bet is contact suppliers for confirmation via factory. same with pad design or use EIA std. My rule of thumb is if you need T=1us = ESR*C capacitor, you need extreme good quality control on thin dielectric and expect this to
I am trying to connect chip capacitor to microstripline feeding in HFSS... Is it possible to connect? If any one knows help me.... plzzzzzzz.... Here i have attached a image.... please tell me if it possible.................
Now we want to add some filtering cap from VDD(5V) to ground on chip. There is only space left under the pad. Some support adding some PIP caps. But others concern about the CP test security: the probing needle may add stress on the PIP cap and make it short. Does anyone have such experience? Thanks.
Hi, guy, I need to design a large off-chip capacitor as the feedback capacitor of a on-chip current integrator for a large input current (over 10uA). However, I also need to use the same integrator to detection low level current (1pA). I know the input node Iin is very sensitive to noise. However, pad connection to noise may cause noise
hi, i am new for pcb design can any body guide me what does it mean by dc bias pad ,i want to simualte my antenna with having dc pad connected to it to take signal out of it but i dont understand what is dc out pad ?is it load type of thing????or capacitor or inductor??plz help me asap
The "DC pad" described in the paper is a device (a capacitor or a quarter-wave section) allowing the DC output to be taken from the detector diode. Any detector must have such "DC pad" if you want to operate its diode.
I wish to have a 250V, 22uF capacitor on our PCB which we may want to be a SMT component or a radial PTH component. Is it ok for us to place plated through holes into our surface mount capacitor pads?, so that we can fit either component?
The 1 inch pitch is the distance between the pads and 100th is the pad size used 1 inch is 2.54cm You have to check the distance of the pins of your capacitor and select the appropriate package. You can measure the case size if you place the component in the design, use the metric mode and the distance tool from the left side menu (line (...)
the following is the internal schematic of port pin of atmega8 ... please explain me why we use a capacitor here... thanks in
Without on-chip decoupling the performance will be pretty dismal, edge rates are going to be weak. In the past I've found a useful crutch to be, placing a chip capacitor in the package cavity "tombstoned" near the VDD pin(s) and skip-bonding the VDD wires from post to cap to pad, with VSS down-bonded to the cavity and up-bonded to post. At least
Hi I am starting the design in umc 65nm, it has a pad, I know that at the input i have to use pad, but i don't know exactly how and at which part i have to use the pad capacitor and how to determine its capacitance, can anyone help me or send me some material useful for this? regards
yes it is fine, the datasheet shown something like a pad in the center of the capacitor, what is it?
Hello, I have a doubt. Working at 868MHz I have a 50Ohm microstripo line, that goes to a matching network, done with 0603 elements. The problem is that the width of the transmission lines is wider than the C pad width. Which is the better way to do the layout? do, like a transition, a trapezoidal, to go down to the pad size, or do no do
The only passive devices that can be "nearer the bond pad" in the vertical sense are the MIM capacitor and Metal Inductor. Depending on how close is close, these devices would not care. Resistors, PIS capacitors, MOSFETs, BIPOLARs, varactors, etc are all close to the silicon surface. At technologies < 0.22um, they are at and below the (...)
I cannot remember the reason for having to remove the capacitor - it may just be that you aren't allowed any earth leakage, or at least a very tiny amount compared to normal equipment. Look at mains inlet filters and you will see the medical grade ones have no class Y capacitor to earth. The resistor has a floating pad which reduces the (...)
thanks nikhil. for smd components lik resistor capacitor crystal can i use trace width 8mil? what is the minimum trace width for these components?
To be very accurate you will have to include the package parasitise, series inductor and shunt capacitor on all pins. The PC pad is so short that it is a negligible bump in the transmission line impedance.
If is a CMOS LNA you can try to add a capacitor on each pin of the LNA, capacitor having the same value with the parasitic capacitance of the pad, and tune again the entire circuit.
GGMOS is MOS with its gate directly connected to ground. GCMOS is one with its gate connected to ground thru a big resistor. GCMOS will act faster than GGMOS during ESD event because of Cgd capacitor.
i am designing a lna whose operating frequency is 60GHz, the topology of the circuit is cascode, but i find it's quite difficult to match the ouput impedance to 50 Ω. As shown in the schematice below, there is a parasitic pad capacitor (about 35 fF, which is quite large in 60GHz), which influence the matching and gain seriously. The output