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Hi, schematic or picture would be great. Maybe your supply voltage drops when two motors are connected. This leads to reset of 8051. Use a larger battery, use large bulk capacitor, decouple uC supply with LC. Good luck
i have P89LV51RD2 with ICL3232 serial support(3v). The ISP programming is working but some times it shows error "Unable to communicate, failed to auto baud". if i try again for 3 or 4 times it will work. In the reset circuit i use 10 06 8.2k resistor with 10uf capacitor. Crystal 27 mhz. what could be the problem? pls help
It could be because the power supply is not able to provide the required current. What is your transformer/adapter rating? Also add a large value of decoupling capacitor abt 470uf.
What are you utilizing to power the device? A poorly regulated power supply combined with the Brown-Out reset (BOR) active can cause the device to repeatedly reset, essentially suspending device operation. I would recommend utilizing a 100nF decoupling capacitor as close as possible between the Vdd and Vss pins, use a well regulated power (...)
Have you followed the instruction while programming 89 chips? NOTE : While Using 8051 ISP programmer Please remove capacitor 10mfd in reset circuit as reset Pin is used for programming After reset will be applied from programmer itsellf
Mind you, a one shot with a 1pF timing capacitor which feeds a 741 is asking for trouble. I think a somewhat faster op-amp might be a good idea. Brian.
I have experienced microcontrollers freezing and malfunctioning due to hardware issues, but they were mostly dsPICs. However, the same principles should apply. Make sure the power lines are properly regulated, filtered and decoupled. 'Isolate' the reset/master clear pin from the +V line using a diode, and connect a decoupling capacitor and, if ne
Iīm pretty sure the current flow back to the source. Yes, and it's strongly wanted not to lose the stored energy. I also agree that this isn't a problem for a battery which is acting as a capacitor on short terms. Nevertheless you would want to place a bypass capacitor of sufficient capacitance in parallel to the battery that so
Several care must be taken to avoid relay induces spikes to microcontroler. As nandhu said, a decoupling capacitor close to relay, other close to regulator, and other close to uC, is already mandatory. Other important thing, is an antiparalel diode close to relay. Donīt forget to arrange supplied 12V devices faraway from those supplied with 5V, a
Hi, i'm trying to make a led globe as a project. It's similar to this and i have make a big part of the construction. My problem is the transfer of the electricity. I'm using two contacts as a 5V and gnd. I havent installed the leds and the uC yet but i have test it using only one led to see i
check the voltage at pin 9 when you press the switch.. how much voltage are you getting... put a 0.1uf or 100nf capacitor at the supply and ground points of controller....
just connect a resistor and capacitor to the reset pin as shown in the
It looks that you have problem with your power supply, if module work ok without SIM. When module tries to regigister itself to the network it can surge up to 2A, but if your power supply is not capable to deliver that amount of current the module will reset. Try to place the electrolytic capacitor of 1000 uF on your power supply line. HTH
Hi All, I am designing a GmC integrator, with OTA as the second stage to provide miller capacitor. But the output has a bump before integration. I replaced Gm and OTA with ideal model and the problem is still there. Any help will be appreciated. PS: attached figure shows the input differential pulse(bottom), reset after each (...)
The GSM network registering procedure may generate a reset condition if your power supply has poor transitory response or if you use a bad antenna, with high VSWR. Make sure you use at least 100uF capacitor as closest as possible to the supply pins. Check with an oscilloscope the spikes generated when the modem transmits, it should not exceed 2-300
HI, Place a zener diode of 5.6 Volts across the PIC VCC and GND together with a capacitor of 100nF. Also connect your MCLR pin direct to VCC or through a resistor of 10K and then use a diode from MCLR to VCC, Cathode of diode to VCC. Paul.
Dear, Your RC is OK.I used a 10uf+4.7K (same Time Constant) and it works perfect.i think you sould use a resistor in Parallel of 4700uf capacitor to discharge it after power down.(in Long time,For example after 3 seconds). Good luck.
Dear I build a simple avr circuit that on/off a small dc motor.The power supply of circuit is a simple linear regulator(7805).for driving the motor a power mosfet(irf9540) was used.But when motor is on the avr did not work correctly and reset and lock. I used an filtering of power supply by inductor and tantalium capacitor but this problom oc
Hi, 1. Check generator, what is the value of the capacitors, and how you configurating the oscilator, in many case like your, the problem is wrong oscilator configuration or/and wrong value of the quartz capacitor. 2. Your reset must be in High level, if you use internal reset circuit, pull up (...)
Sir: What should I do? When I turn off the bell switch the whole circuit is in reset. Some say that I should connect a capacitor in the bell switch to fix the problem. They say it is the Transient Voltage that cause this. What is a transient voltage? What is arcing?