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This is simple unencripted eeprom with SPI interface. You can use TL866 to read and write it. If SO8->DIP8 adapter have to be used, read it once and verify multiple times to be sure, that it is connected properly. For writing it is the same. And don't tell anyone that you are planing to reduce mileage of your car before sell it.
Hi, I'm doing a line following mobile car (also differentiating the colors) using vision system. I plan to use a CMOS sensor type camera to interface with PIC. Is it possible a USB webcam can communicate with PIC? I have PIC18F452 and compiler is MiKroC. Does MikroC provides any functionality for camera input (matix input etc).
SALAM . . . ... . i m going to make a driverless car prototype in which i have to detect road sides i have to use GPS,GYRO accelerometer ULTRA SONIC SENSORS and a camera... .. .. NOW my basic problem is how to interface GPS and gyro+acclerometer with ATMEGA32.. 1-how to give Coordinates to GPS for car destination ---->Skylab GPS (...)
Hi We have designed a hardware which intimates a vehicle owner abt the theft intimation and wen the owner replies the car engine stops. Now we want to interface SKG13 GPS MODULE with the PIC16F877A. I wanted to know how to go abt the connections and the program as we want to install the GPS unit inside car. I need this for my final year (...)
Linux is built around it's network interface so it's very unlikely you will find a version without built-in network facilities. It would be like searching for a car that can't have an engine ftted. Your best bet is to use something like Ubuntu Studio and remove the networking files. Brian.
car tracking with gps skylap + arduino2560 + sim 300 + (16*2 lcd) can any one help me to give me the code of this project please??? i interfaced gsm but the i cant interface gps and i want the code please and thank you :D
is a light start indication similar to traffic lights. This device can be used in car racing for starting the competitors. It was equipped with RS232 interface and one input for connecting a photo-barrier which is used to place the competitors in the start line. The principl
I trying to figure out how I can access my car's ECU through a serial interface. My goal is to have a microcontroller connected to the ECU so that I can monitor some ECU inputs (door open/closed, engine running/off, etc) and also directly control some ECU outputs (sound horn, flash headlights). I'm not sure this is even possible, has anyone tackl
I would like to interface a TFT monitor to control my stereo head unit in my boat. I want the TFT at the helm where I can control simple functions( volume, bass, treble, source) and get digital readout. I have a clarion cmd6 as the head unit and it is capable of using wired remotes: k-mw1 I think the remotes use a digital signal to control the he
I'm assuming this trigger is to set off an air bag or something, I just have this image of crashing my car and a little light lighting up on the dash board telling me that I have crashed ... What kind of sensor are you thinking of using?
This is a diagnostic interface for Fiats vehicles equipped with engines with a single point fuel injection (CFI), mainly IAW16F drives (seicento/cinquecento/punto). Full list of vehicle below. Thanks to LCD used, the device does
This device is an interface for steering radio in renault laguna by car pilot. The renault laguna pilot is a matrix keyboard with 3 rows and 3 columns. On some remotes there is an additional 'mute' button but in th
Hi i need to interface bluetooth to speaker of my car, so that i can also access my mobile through it. Can anybdy specify wat type of bluetooth device i can use and how to intrface(any codings/ programming required- pls give me an idea for this project).
Is it practical... i understand from your statement should all car have GPS, or how this concept is used in your project... i dont get picture how you can use GSM and GPS for your purpose..........
ok frist u must choose which car that u can work with it & then use a cabbus interface to usb that it's module is avalible
if you are working on a radio controlled car why not talk to it directly using WiFi ? all modern laptops are equiped with WiFi. The car could be equipend with a microcontroller with a WiFi interface and you could write a VB program to send TCP or UDP packets to the car. Are you also going to write the code for the (...)
Take a look at this website if you want to **** the bus, canbushack: **** Your car . Also buy the J1979 specification. To interface to the OBDII, all you need is just a CAN transceiver and connect to your micro. I believe there is CAN stack for the PIC. To talk to the J1979, all you need is to send s
For a car navigation system design, you need to know both analog and digital design. The analog part is to build the GPS subsystem to get the GPS signals and down convert it. Then you need to know digital design to interface the digitized GPS signal to the Base band processor and the navigation display/map application. Analog: The analog par
Dear all, I have a EEPROM chip (EN25T80) which uses an SPI protocol. I need to dump its content in order to analyse it. i know that SD-cards use also SPI protocol however commands of the EN25T80 (READ, WRITE...etc) are vendor specific. Is it possible to acess the SD card by software in order to send the appropriate commands ? any informatio
i am trying to build a remote control for my car running using AT89C51. i am using tws-434,rws 434, ht 640 encoder ic and ht 648L decoder. is this nice option?? i also couldnot find these component can any one send me these components i will pay all charges Thanks

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