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Suddenly my car stereo doesn't turn on or sends one signal once a time to speakers and turns off. I try to disconnect all power and then connect all but with no results. I saw the 15A fuse back of the stereo and it is ok. I disconnect it from my car and I try it with a 12V psu 1A, I found the pins to power on but one flash and that's it (...)
hi.. i have to design a switched mode car battery chager. i am new in electronics , this is my project ,so please, please and please any body help me in my project .. i have to design 300watt or above than 300 watt charger ...please give me a complete block diagram of this circuit (i will be very thhankfull). i am waiting of ur kind reply.....
Hello! I'm designing SIM908 based car GSM module, in which I need 12V to 4V psu. The device in 99% in sleep mode in minimal current consumption and GPS only available on-demand. The easy answer is do a heat loss comparison. For Buck Regulators, the lower the output, the higher the losses. while LDO's are very sensi
Are you suggesting to Connect both 0.1 and 0.01 uf Capacitors in parallel together ? the circuit board is tightly made and relays are around 1.5cm away from the MCU. i'll send the picture later ... One thing I forgot to mention that the vRef pin of AtMega328 is also connected to 5v ... is this the cause of problems or not
From cellphone psu and cheap DC_DC 12>>5V automotive converter. Designed for batteries maintenance in charged condition when the car is not o
Hi I am building a car trailer light tester, and I wanted to know if I could use an old computer psu to power the project directly with no other components ie the 12 volts to power the trailer lights under test and the 5 volts to power the microcontroller ? Also if this is possible could the different 12 volt plugs be connected in parallel to
thanks a lot guys for your help now, what I need to know is if I adjust the voltage coming out of the power supply to 13.4 or 13.8 instead of 12 and connect it to the car battery. is it going to charge it or not and in a very simple manner plz explain to me why the power supply after modification to give 13.4 volt at 33 am
Hi All, This is a very usefull circuit Electronic Parts and Schematic Diagram: 95 Watt Laptop Power Supply For car. Thanks Grittin
Hi ! I'm in need of a psu schematic to use my PC in car. Im previously used an inverter successfully, but why convert DC to AC and back to DC again? Could anyone help me with a schematic with "easy-to-obtain" parts ? Tks !
found this dumped down my local car scrap yard anyone got a circuit please model 1250-1 hp series
very nice handy psu design for me i need this for a protable pc i have has no psu unit there so thanks.... also need variable voltage added say 9 - 19v as a range... i note a problem with pc's psu's like a car it stays hot for five to ten mins after shutdown where damage can occur a car (...)
Which is the difference between paralleling bipolar transistors using emitter resistors without base resistors or base resistors without emitter resistors? I'm designing a psu with 13,8V@25A that will power my HF radio plus charge a 13,8V 45Ah car wet battery, so what configuration should I use? Positive regulation or negative regulation?
I'm attempting to use my xbox as a car pc and would like to build a 200w dc atx psu which i will then modify to suit xbox. So input of 8v to 16v required and o/ps of 3.3v, 5v , 12v needed. Does anyone have any good places to start learning. I know a good bit already but i want to master this subject and not just copy someone elses work. Any r