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Do you mean Modified CIFF-IF (cascade of Integrators with Weighted FeedForward Summation and Input FeedForward) ?
Hello, I want to design 2-2 cascade delta sigma modulator for 2 mhz signal bandwidth, i must sum the two outputs given by the two stages, i use ORCAD PSPICE for similation, i need to implement H(z) =z^-1 which is a delay unit, i don't know the structure of this function using MOS transistors and how i implement it. Please (...)
dear all, does anybody know how I can extract the first stage quantization noise and fedd it into the second stage in hspice? any paper or article?
i simulated sigma-delta modulator in matlab.i am getting same SNR for single stage and cascade stage.can anybody tell me,what may be the problem.i am trying in SD toolbox. why you dont try this toolbox? hope it can help you. Description: The delta-sigma Toolbox includes nearly 100 (...)