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Hello Dears I use the kramers kronig (KK) relations to demonstrate the arbitrary values of the dielectric constant with the measured values, but in the derivation of KK relations, there is a cauchy value P as shown below, but I dont know how to determine its value. 134330 Is there anybody have an expertise with such an
I wish to know what is the intuitive meaning of cauchy's integral formula... What does it try to do...!!! I've searched quite a few places on net but those descriptions are pretty much mathematical...!!! They all talk about a disc and winding numbers and rotations etc... In bits and pieces, I can follow what they are saying... But am still unable t
The Fourier Transform of 1/t can be easily obtained as follows (I'll use the notation in Mathematica): F=Integrate[Exp =Integrate[Cos-iIntegrate[Sin The first integral is zero when the cauchy main value is applied. Actually, it's integral of an odd function. The second int
Find a book - any book, which has the cauchy problem of heat equations. There is a standard way to deal with the Fourier transform of this type of functions. You'll see that everything boils down to an integral which can be calculated by differentiation under the integration. If you care, it is actually a very good exercise of your calculus.