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i m currently a student of electronic and communication engineering. i want to ask, if i take exams of ccna after my current degree(with communication as major) and become a full time network engineer, will it be worthy for me and my career. please suggest me some advise. thanksss alottt.... :-)
Now I'm studying to get a ccna certification, and I heared that I can get the latest version of the exam , but how? I don't know. :cry: If anybody has it, pleased to send to me. tanx 4 all
Hi Guys, I need help! I am wondering if buying 2 cisco 4000 routers and 1 2916 swicth is enough to pass the cisco ccna exam. CISCO 4000 ROUTERS: ROUTER with 4 serial ports, 2 parallel ports, 2 ethernet ports, CISCO 2916 SWITCH: 16 ethernet ports. please let me know. any one's help is greatly appreciated Thanks
Hello ppl, I just passed my MCSE + Security exams. Now i am left with ccna.. I got to finish the exam by end of JAN 2010... i would like to get few feedbacks from you ppl, abt how to study ccna and where to start.. i really need to start by this week.. It will b great if some ppl guide me .. my email is
Fellow board member, I am thinking of a profession change and interested in networking as a second major for my doctoral degree. Please provide me insights for Networking as a second major. I am familiar that it starts from ccna exam for which i need your help on what is it and how to pass that exam. Are there other similar exams and what level
Does anybody have the latest version of testking and Pass4sure ccna exams. Could you please upload here.I can not enter rapidshare and any email page. I have very very limited connection to internet for 80 more days. During this time i want to pass ccna exam. Thank you guys,
hey guys, i have been doing ccna ver 4.0 for over 5 months now almost complete and am about to do my FINAL exams! i did not do well in sem1 & sem2 final papers so am requesting anyone who has answers to those questions to send them to me asap coz i need to do a thorough revision. The earlier the better Any Help will be Highly app
if someone need to be sure to be a ccna it coul be help you. PASS4SURE
Hi everybody; I would like to study ccna at home before the exam, can you give me just the name, edition and author of the book that is now certified at cisco...? THANKS
This is a web site to download a ccna simulator. the cost is only 20 $. ccna Router Simulator for Cisco Certification Exam v2.2.1 2004 Well, I want to ask if it is possible to support us with free simulator for ccna and MCSE exams