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Hello sefirnecati. I saw your source code errors (file PID.err included in your upload) and also your code file. All those errors are because you are trying to use variables (maybe of type float) that are not declarated anywhere. I don't know too much about PID controllers but I will suggest you to avoid using floats because they are too expensive
This is Multiple I2C LCD code. It is written using ccs C Compiler version 5.044. This si tested in proteus and also EasyPIC v7 development board with 2 x 20x4 LCDs. LCDs should be HD44780 or compatible. I have used I2C LCDs and I2C LCD modules from Banggood. I will soon post mikroC PRO PIC and AVR (...)
Can anyone please give me the model for this sorry if the thread isnt for here. I need the model,also any help on the ethernet protocols will be useful.I know the schmeatic is conected to a CJ 10/100 base transformator and then to a router,switch or router and PC.Any help would be useful,Im using ccs 5 plus proteus. There (...)
I am using PIC24F series and went through the project wizard. Is it possible to go back to the wizard and include some other functions. I find that wizard is only one time and we cannot revert back without creating new project. My second problem is running the compiled code from ccs in proteus. My code (...)
Hi; First of all: - both IC you are using (HC595 and HC164) are serial-to-parallel converters but only for outputs. For parallel-to-serial converting (ie for inputs) have to use for example a CD4021 like in my old project. See the picture and the attached proteus simulation. Its program was written in mikroC (not in ccs C) (...)
Zip and post your ccs C project files and proteus file. Don't use MAX232 in proteus. Connect COMPIM directly to PIC.
Hi everyone, I am doing a Temperature Monitoring System by using PIC18F4550 with LCD Ampire 128x64. I use ccs C of MPLab plugin to compile the .hex file. and simulate on proteus. My problem is : the display on Ampire 128x64 is unusual. Is there any configuration on Ampire need to done before simulate? I'm new to this. 103250[
hi guys this is my 1st post in this forum !! I need send data between pc and pic so i made this schematic using proteus wrote the very simple ccs c code for pic 18f2550 #include<18f2550.h> #fuses NOWDT,HS,NOPROTECT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=20000000) #use rs232(baud=9600,xmit=PIN_C6,rcv=PIN_C7,INVERT,parity=N,bits=8) void main() {
Maybe this example can help you!!! 97506 < - Added Its use PIC12F629, ccs compiler 5.012 and proteus 7.10!!! But schematic for cascade 2 7Seg in one CD4511. Sorry for bad english
Hi all. I'm a newbie in PIC and i do this project Input : Port A0-A5 Port C0-C2 Output : PortB When i push a button form 1-9 Pic will output random on PortB. This is program i have written. I have simulation on proteus, it working but sometime when i push button, output is blinking, not constant. Is there wrong in this (...)
Zip and post ccs C project files. I can't create a new project everytime you post some code.
Hi I've made a simple design with a PIC18F452 and a ENC28J60. I use ccs C 4.140 and the ccs TCPIP stack. On simulation with proteus 8 SP2, I've a problem in the MacInit () function, the check of CLKRDY bit always fail. I can see spi signals from PIC with oscillo in the reading of ESTAT reg. The (...)
Hi all. I am currently trying to simulate a part of my work on isis proteus. It consists of pic 18f4620 and mmc card. I am using ccs for programming the pic. I tried the example that came with ccs, that is, the ex_fat.c example, but though there are no errors in initializing, i tried to use the 'format size' of the code but (...)
Hi all, i am using pic 16f877a and ccs compiler, i am tried for a software uart. it work properly in proteus and oshonsoft simulator. but in board transmit section is ok but reception is not working. receive will get only null. like " you entered : " no character appear there. the code is given below (...)
High guy ?help me ploz to solve the issue of reading adc value,I am using ccs c compiler,pic16f877a and lcd 16*2;I want to read the adc value on ANO,but the lcd is always showing 0; and the error in proteus is :ADC conversion clock period (1e-7)is possibly invalid for device clock,can you plz help me? see the parts of my (...)
Do you know ccs then I can help you with codes;you need to use adc module of the pic,can you provides your codes here then we can help
Hello!!! I need help in ccs compiler (V4.140), the PIC16F76 cannot run lcd in ISIS proteus (V7.10)... I trying the example created by the Project Wizard. This is the log " Message Source Time ISIS Release 7.10.00 (Build 12325) (C) Labcenter Electronics 1990- 2011. Source code build completed OK. Compiling design 'C:\Pr
I am using 16*1 Lcd display with pic16f877a ,I want to display "hello" in full screen. The codes in assembly and ccs c are welcome. My simulation in proteus has been added here. Hi, This should get you going, plenty of tutorials on lcds if you search this forum.
Hi Folks, I am in a deep trouble. I am interfacing PIC16F877A with SIM900. I am working in PCWHD (ccs C), and running my PIC hardware on proteus, and using SIM900 kit to be interfaced with PC through RS232 COM Port. I am trying to initialize the SIM900. For this purpose, I want to send ATE0, which is successful, (...)
Hey guys i am working on a load monitoring system that identify different loads... i am experimenting right now... i made a c code for ccs c compiler and when i run the simulation on proteus i got the error "ADC conversion clock period (4e-07) is less than min TAd=1.6us and is possible invalid for device clock frequency"... (...)
Hi i am trying to interface SD card with PIC16F877A. I am using ccs Complier and proteus Vsm for simulatrion. I am trying to communicate with card but still failed. Here is the code and schematic. #include "H:\Data\7 Semester\UIT\UP\SD CARD\main.h" //#include //head file. (...)
Successfully simulated the following code for normal pwm (ccp1) in proteus. How ever I m interested to use the ECCP capability of Pic18f4520 and Tried all the configuration modes given in the ccs c manual, but could not get pulses at the out put pins(P1A,P1B,P1C,P1D). In proteus i connected pic to oscilloscope (...)
Apart from possible proteus inaccuraries, the suggested timer usage involves systematical errors because interrupt latency is added to the actual period. An exact timer routine would e.g. use Timer2 and it's period register. ccs C has built-in functions to setup the timer, by the way. void Interrupt() { if (TMR0IF) { TMR0IF = 0;
Hello team, I'm trying to communicate two devices using I2C protocol in assembly: PIC16f877A and AD5301. I have simulated my assembly code in proteus 7.9 sp1 and it works fine but physically does not. I thought it was my pcb but it isn't: I proved another program in ccs C language in the same pcb (...)
Hi I am using PIC16F877A, ccs C v4.057, and proteus v7.7. I made a LED fleshing cube and it is working fine. But my program is restarting after few seconds. I have disabled WDT. CLOCK= 4MHZ SCHEMATIC 77063 #include "J:\Data\UIT WORK\FYP\Workshop\Material\lecture 04\LED PROJECT\CODE\led project.h" void T
Hi I am trying to interface external memory 24c02 in proteus 7.7. But can't figure out what is the problem. Objective is to Write some data on memory, then retrieve it and display on LCD. Do i need to add this line in file #use i2c(Master,sda=PIN_C4,scl=PIN_C3) schematic h
Hi, everybody?Who can help me to simulate DOT Matrix with proteus ,I do not have any problem about circuit but the needed help is for programming dot matrix and OLED,how to code for it in ccs c compiler? Help me please to display for example KJB,I am using PIC16F877A.
I am using PIC18F4550 and Graphical LCD in proteus, i have to show the microchip logo as soon as my Graphical LCD gets turned on and after that display the temperature values on graphical lcd.. I have done the temperature showing part on Graphical LCD but don't know how to show image on Graphical LCD. //Microchip array logo static co
I would like to simulate a thermometer wich uses seven segment for displaying ;I want to use ccs C compiler for coding and use those codes for simulating the circuit in proteus,can You tell me how I can proceed?? The ccs C Compiler generates a HEX file which is specified to execute in the microcontroller of the simu
Im using 128x64(LM12468L) glcd with pic18f4550 and ccs. I use HDM46GS12 driver. First i developed a firmware without using "FAST LCD" it properly worked in proteus. but it didnt work when it is impemented. Then i used "Fast LCD" & it worked properly. But it takes more RAM space(50%). I want 70% ram space for other I cant use "Fast
Hopefully you are talking about the following link ccs :: View topic - Driver For SHT75 Temperature & Humidity Sensor The output is based on I2C then why you are using portb pins #define sht_data_pin PIN_b1//(Data pin veya input) #define sht_clk_pin PIN_b0 use as defi
hello Here a Diode Tester Using PIC16F877A and ccs C. I have simulated the code in proteus and it is working PIC16F877A Based Diode Tester in ccs C
i have no skill to do this program for my project. i have to finish a project that :razz:to activate password for security home. so, i need ur help how to do password program in ccs complier and proteus. I must do a keypad, LCD and push button to do this program. Can u help me. I just now learn about proteus (...)
Hi, I m trying to send the temperature from one PIC to an other and I am facing some problems. I work in simulation mode,proteus 7 for the schematic an ccs C for the C Code. Here My Code, the file UART.c char RecUART (void); void EmitUART(char c); void InitUART(void); /* Initialisation de l'UART */ void InitUART(void) { TXST
Hi. i have started use ccs 4.1.2. it generates TI-TXT and INTEL-HEX files. But i want to *.cof or *.elf file. i want to this to work with proteus for step by step debug. Thanks... 2.1.5 How to Generate Binary-Format Files (TI-TXT and INTEL-HEX) The ccs installation inclu
guys!!! need help how can I simulate rs232 connected to pic16f877 using proteus 7.5. How can i send a character and check if it works. im using ccs c for coding.. thanks...
Am using ccs C ,MPLab and proteus. Please explain me the steps to display the message "hello" on 2x16 LCD using pic16f877. I know the hardware configs... Just need to know about the files to be added in mplab during compiling and the file contents. Already tried many... useless... Further the none of my circuits are (...)
ds1302 ds18b20 2x16 lcd thermometer clock project with ccs c source code and proteus schema pic
Hi, What compiler/IDE are you using ? ccs/MPLAB ? What simulator are you using ? proteus ? +++
Is there any one whit T6963 library for ccs compiler and simulation in proteus. Thanks in
I guys i'm new to it , and i can't figure out how to use proteus with ccs C for PIC !!! i want to run a c program for Picdem 2 plus !! any tutorial somewhere?? Thanks p.s. yes i did search before asking , if it exist, i missed it !! :-)
I am using Pic 16 Family (14 bits), ccs C compiler and proteus for the simulation. I am using in proteus the program file .COF generated by ccs PCM C Compiler. Always that the compiled program is less than 2K (<0x07FF) I can get correct simulation in both Stepping a Execute modes from (...)
ccs Inc ccs produce a number of compilers for PICMicro MCU. At present, the limitations of the COD symbolic debug data format mean that the VSM debugging support for this product is limited to stepping through the machine code and watching specific memory locations. Source level stepping and variable display are not (...)
I'm using ccs compiler(3.207) and proteus (6.3 sp2 at work and 6.5 sp5 at home) to simulate a pic12c508a. My problem is that the same code works ok in 6.3 version but doesn't work at 6.5. I already search labcenter website but don't find an answer. Thus anyone had a similar problem? Or sugestion how to solve this?
You need ccs compiler , I think the best C compiler for PIC.
I must say that I am no expert for ccs (I use Hi-Tech for PIC) but when I look at your send_char function I believe that you reverse the order of the bits that you send to your LCD. Bit 7 -> LCD Bit 0, Bit 6 -> LCD Bit 1 ... Bit 3 -> LCD Bit 0, Bit 2 -> LCD Bit 1 ... I believe it should be like this: Bit 7 -> LCD Bit 3, Bit 6 -> LCD Bit 2
Hi there, I need more than 100 Kb memory for my application.I'm using ccs c compiler, 16F877, 24LC256 and proteus for desing.Can i use more than one I2C memory with same pins? I want to use 4 24LC256 on the same line (same pins of 877) Is it possible? If so, How can i use it? Any proteus dsn files for this? Or some brief (...)
Hi, I would like to use a graphical lcd in my project but i can not simulate a PG160128A lcd with proteus.Neither example files of ccs nor source codes for glcd which i collected here, works So, if anyone can simulate this glcd, please send ccs codes and proteus file to me to I will be appreciated if som
Hi I have changed rencently to ccs 3.160, and the COD that it generate differs from earlier versions. That make's that i can't use it with proteus (which CODDDX gives an error to me), and i can't debug mixed code (C & ASM) at real time. Does anybody know a fix for it?. Thanks in advance. potros
Hi all. I have tested ccs Compiler in proteus with cod file in proteus. In older ccs version work OK , but on last version dont work. ccs cod file is corrupt or have another distribuition? I have tested with all option. "Standard .COD","Expanded .COD." but it dont works. (...)